Kids and routines

I’m a flexible Mum. I have never been one to set rigid routines. I just kind of go with the flow and let the kids find their own. I have always fed on demand, and put them to bed on demand. They grow and change so quickly that I figured there was no point getting too attached to a routine on any given week.

That said, we’ve been doing the same thing for months now. MONTHS. In fact, for most of Natalie’s life. We get up, get stuff done, we go to school to drop off Ivy. Back when she was brand new, Natalie would fall asleep in the car. Then she started screaming instead of falling asleep, and progressed to not screaming but settling in for a nice nap as soon as we got home from school.

I used to put her to bed and blitz some housework. Get some writing stuff out of the way. Attend to other matters. I could hit morning tea time with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that some of the important tasks of my day were done.

Not any more.

I guess I could consider myself lucky in some ways – by the time Lauren was 10 months old she was trying to convince me she only needed one sleep a day. At least I am still getting two from Natalie (one from Lauren). For now. But those naps, they rarely overlap. I’m getting perhaps 20mins a day to myself and it’s not quite enough.

This will pass, too. I know. Things will change again in a couple of months. We’ll get to the end of the year and Lauren will start Kindy and then things will change again. Dramatically. That’s just life with small children.

And I am flexible. Really. Just today, I’m mourning the loss of that span of the morning where I only had one child up and could get a little work done. I’ll find new things to love about this routine. Just not today.


3 thoughts on “Kids and routines”

  1. -hugs- A change in routine is always hard, but it’s a little rougher when you so dearly need your ‘you’ time. You’re such a good, patient mom. And you’re right, you’ll find things to love about the new change, soon too!

  2. I know the feeling. Summer’s coming and routines will change. I’m like you, a go-with-the-flow routine mom. I get a lot of flack for it from my in-laws, but I don’t like being rigid. Good luck with the change. 🙂

  3. Good luck with the change. 😀 My eldest starts school this Fall.

    My husband works swing shift in the winter months which leaves our schedules in constant flux from one month to the next, but then I’m a go-with-the-flow type of mom so it doesn’t bother me. It does bother my husband’s grandma, she gives me constant grief for not having a schedule of meals, naps, play, sleep, etc. But where’s the fun in that. LOL

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