Watch out!

Somewhere around here *looks over shoulder* is a thing that looks like me, sounds like me, writes like me – I am quite convinced it can’t possibly be me though. I’m just not that organized of late.

I opened One Note today, purely because I mentioned it to someone else as a good way to brainstorm, and was quite surprised at what I found there.

Did you know that Delaney’s novel has a title? *looks confused* apparently, that happened awhile ago, and I have no recollection of it. Possibly, as far back as December. *shakes head* it’s moments like this that I realize the whole ‘sleep deprivation’ thing really is bad. It’s called Saving Tomorrow, though I bet I blogged about it at some point or another! If I didn’t, then it was definitely some other me, making notes, but not sharing them with the world. That’s not a very Cassie thing to do.

On the bright side, there are lots of little shiny’s in my One Note. It really is a fantastic place to brainstorm, apparently, because it’s loaded with little gems. I am going to have to make use of it more often – or maybe just let that other me have at it. I’ll peek into the file now and then and see what I can steal.

I’ll leave you with the rough blurb I found for Saving Tomorrow, and post it just because strangely it fits in entirely with my current thoughts on the novel. My brain is a wonderful thing, even if it has fragmented.

Delaney has always known her role in life is to stop those who would do harm to the world from being born. But when the love of her life is brutally murdered while on the job, Delaney has a new purpose – to find the man who killed Kira and get revenge. But is the murderer really the man at fault? Or is there something deeper going on?

***HA there is a tag for Saving Tomorrow, so I must have posted about it!!!! I really need to get more sleep. Sometime. 


3 thoughts on “Watch out!”

  1. I can’t tell you how much better this makes me feel about my own fragmented mind. 🙂

    Seriously, it’s great that you found some gems. I hope they lead to some excellent writing. And I wish you more sleep.

  2. I was definitely aware of that title XD

    But I do remember reading a book as a teenager in which a girl secretly rewrites/adds to her aunt’s book, who she later hears saying how she loved that bit but doesn’t remember writing it. Maybe Ivy has a secret talent…

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