Tales for Canterbury – in print!

In case you missed the announcement, the paperbacks have arrived from the printers! And according to Anna, they look very shiny 😉 If you’ve pre-ordered a copy, then it should get to you in the next week or so. If you’ve been holding off, why not head over and place your order now? Poor Anna has to package and post them all! My tongue is safe from all that envelope licking, though I wish I could help out. Like you, I am eager to get my hands on a copy 🙂

It feels amazing to know that everything is done now, and to see tweets and blog posts about people reading it, or looking forward to reading it. I even had the pleasant surprise of seeing that there was a review for it on Goodreads! Already! And it was four stars! Considering the nature of anthologies, and the desire we had to get a range of stories to appeal to a wide audience, four stars is fantastic. You can never please every reader with every story, so I’m thrilled with what was said – even more thrilled that it was from someone I don’t know 🙂

Anyways, I’ll leave it at that for now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.


13 thoughts on “Tales for Canterbury – in print!”

  1. Hi Cassie,
    Congratulations with this wonderful publication. The best way for artists to give is by giving something of themselves, and that’s what all of you did. I ordered and received the book in e-format. Since I don’t have an e-reader (yet) the file sits on my Mac, waiting. It makes me realize I would actually rather have a hard copy. Which made me think about having a signed copy. Signed by the participants I know, if only because of our Online connection. Then I thought how a copy of the book could travel around, from author to author, collecting signatures. Perhaps always in the same mailer with new address labels stuck onto it, crossing out/off the previous address, thus creating a piece of mail art, which then could be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is how my mind works in the a.m. after one cup of tea. I’ll be ordering a hard copy asap. Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to notice you’ve been there again in the future!
    Hoka Hey! Judith

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