Chasing Ascension

I have finally come to a point at which I feel I can start writing this again. I worked on a rough outline over the weekend, and while initially I knew I was going to have to cut a chunk, to get back to the good stuff, it ended up being a lot more than expected. About 13,000 words to be more specific.

Which leaves me with under 5,000 words in my new document.


At this point, I am thinking that, hell, maybe I should just cut it all and start over – but I like the start of it. It was on track. It flows well and makes sense.

One of the main problems I had with CA was the world it was set in. It was flat. Really flat. When I read back through it I realized what I could do to change that. You see, the first section of the story (the bit I kept) is post apocalyptic, the world is in a pretty bad state, and it works. My MC’s end up knocked out of things for a couple of years though, and when they re-enter the world nothing has changed. This is an issue, because huge things have happened while they were gone.

It’s at this point I can inject some life into the setting. Things are getting back to ‘normal’, it’s a whole new world for the twins, which also in the long term is going to mean plenty of new challenges for them. And challenges are good! There are bits of the story line from the cut section that will make a come back, but they need revamping to fit in with this new vision.

Thank goodness for new vision. And for being wise enough to get rid of the things that were holding me back and push ahead. 13,000 words is a lot, but ultimately if they aren’t the right words, what’s the point in keeping them?

Anyway, I thought I would share the rough blurb I’ve had sitting around for awhile, to let you in on what this story is about:

People have been disappearing from the streets, but no-one knows where to, or why. Despite this Lissa and Jareth, twins and ‘acquisition agents’, still need to make a living; so when they are offered a huge sum to retrieve a book from a rundown temple, they are willing to run the risk. But it turns out that the book is not what it seems and as people are being murdered in the streets outside, Lissa and Jareth find themselves infected with a strange code and sealed, unconscious, within the temple.

When they are woken several years later, it seems that life in their post-apocalyptic world has changed dramatically – the Gods have made themselves visible and ‘saved’ humanity from destruction. The twins, however, know better. Guided by spirits from another dimension, must find a way to shatter the Gods thrall and free humanity to seek ascension.


7 thoughts on “Chasing Ascension”

  1. Sounds great! There’s nothing quite like getting in there and ripping the middle out of something that’s just not working right to get it back on track. Like gardening – how are the flowers meant to bloom if they’re choked up with weeds, same goes for stories.

  2. Yup, I definitely remember this now, too. I didn’t realize you’d gotten so far into it, though. It’s a real pain when you realize that huge chunks of a book can’t be used, but at least now you know that it’s not an avenue you want to go down. That in itself makes them valuable. This sounds like a really neat story… you’ll have to give me loads of insider details. 😉

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