And I’m back

Not that I was good at being gone. After the first day I snuck back, quietly checked things, popped into twitter. I guess I just can’t stay away. I got some other stuff done, but nothing really major, and certainly very minimal writing. I did some research and started putting together ideas for our gardens, washed down our front porch, played with the kids. It’s made me start a list in my head of all the things I want to do around the house, now that I am starting to get some energy back. Garden thoughts are taking up a lot of my time, that’s for sure.

What have I learned while I was actually gone? I think I need to block my internet time. Typically my laptop is on and connected for most of the day. This is helpful because it means any time I get a spare 5 minutes I can sit down and write. This isn’t helpful because I frequently think that I’ll get interrupted anyways so I might as well just browse the net. Or I’ll have an email the I should reply to. Or a blog post/review that should be written.

So I need to become more mindful of the way I spend my time on the computer. I need to switch the wireless off more often, close the laptop entirely more often, and do things like write reviews and posts offline, only signing in to actually post them. I think they would take a whole lot less time to do, if that was my approach.

Anyways, enough said. I need to work on it still. One of these attempts I will actually crack onto a good balance!


4 thoughts on “And I’m back”

  1. I’m not disciplined to be connected and not keep distracting myself from writing. I’ve tried hard this last week. I disconnect from everything, leaving only Word open, but within a few minutes I’m checking email, and then I check for blog comments I need to respond to, and from there it’s Twitter and Facebook and …

    I think the only way is to do what you said, write longhand and then transcribe. I just wish I knew how to write shorthand. My hand might be able to keep up with my brain that way. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with your new plan. I wish you progress in all your projects.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I hope it works. I am forever trying to get better at time management. Some days, the only thing to do is throw my hands in the air and give up though! lol a few more years, the kids will all be in school and it’ll all be a different story – I’ll have to have myself sorted by then cause I won’t have an easy excuse for distraction πŸ˜‰

  2. Cassie, you echo my own dilemma of late… This is part of what I’ve been meaning when I talk about being out of balance. I end up spending a bunch of time online doing stupid things, like arguing or having silly conversations or watching YouTube (for the love of Pete), and then I wonder why I feel guilty for not hanging with the kids…

    I have found that just closing e-mail does help me. Have you heard of Focus Booster? I’ve been hearing a few writers use that with some success. I think it basically keeps you locked out of the Internet for whatever time you set it for. Maybe you could look into it?

    Good luck, and know you’re not on this path alone… πŸ™‚

    1. I only recently (as in, yesterday, I think? heard of Focus Booster! I took a quick look, but haven’t tried it yet. If only I could use it to block out the kid noise πŸ˜‰ lol I think I need to relay some ground rules for the hubby and reclaim some writing time in the evenings.

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