Moving spaces

I love my office. It’s light and airy, it’s connected to the outdoors, and right now with winter well and truly here it’s bloody freezing. I don’t love that bit so much.

We have an old place with lousy heating and over the cold months we shut down operations in most of the house. The one heater that does function is in the lounge so we pretty much shut ourselves in there (I manage to cook only because the oven/hob throws out some heat!) and so the warmth sits in the lounge and our bedroom, which comes off the lounge. We have smaller heaters for use in the kids rooms, but a lot of the time we resort to layering pajamas and using a stack of blankets!

I’ve realized there is space in the lounge for my desk. In the corner by the heater, I could stash it behind the lazy boy. It wouldn’t be ideal, what with being in the thick of the family, but then, I’d be warm and I might want to spend more time actually writing if I didn’t have to freeze my ass off in order to get words out.

It’s a temporary thing. A measure to make sure I don’t get sick, but still get typing. I’m not sure how well it will work with the balance thing, and I’m not convinced that my children will let me get any work done, but it’s worth a shot!

I’m moving things now… in between typing bits and pieces. I’ll go and take a photo, shall I?

Gah nothing fits right! Sort it later. At least I am not freezing…

You can see what fun I’ll be working with though 😉 btw, we do have a fire guard, I just took it out while I was moving stuff!

The biggest distraction of my day – did I mention that she rarely has a nap during the day now?

Second biggest day time distraction. She’s very, very cute, and uses it to her full advantage.


6 thoughts on “Moving spaces”

  1. You certainly have two very cute distractions! Lucky me gets to sit between severs, so it keeps our ‘office’ nice and toasty. We live in a crappy old house too! And thanks to our crappy landlords we also have no heater bar the electric one that sucks power like its going out out fashion.

    1. oh that sucks, Em! We have the gas flued one in the lounge, but like I said, it doesn’t heat very far! Heating is a big issue that costs a fortune to resolve, unfortunately. Sounds like you have a good spot between the servers though 😉

    1. Thanks, Anna! The wall colour is pretty inoffensive, though the way it looks up close means that once the kids are out of the ‘drawing on walls’ stage, we’ll certainly have to repaint and I’ll probably go more neutral to fit in with the rest of the house 🙂 I love redecorating.

  2. Wow! The girls have grown so much! -jaw drop- I remember baby pictures. lol

    But ugh, I hate having to move my writing space. It makes me feel off kilter for awhile. -snugs- Hope you can find a new, warmer spot to settle into soon!

    1. Well, it’s certainly warmer here, I love it! But, it’s a hell of a lot noisier lol and the kids are always in my face wanting to watch things or see what I am doing… Ah well, it will even out 😉 They are growing really fast, strange to think that it was only two and a half years ago I had a 3 year old and a newborn and now there are three walking, talking, smiling, giggling girls filling the house up. It’s pretty awesome, really.

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