No Justification Needed

I’m almost done with this little bit of editing. Almost. I’ll admit that I should have finished it yesterday but didn’t (I did get a haircut though!). I should be working on it now, but instead I am reading someone else’s MS. I will get the editing done today, though I will probably need to write that pesky missing scene tomorrow (why didn’t I just force myself to write it when I was doing the rewrite??!? ack, I hate myself sometimes – it’s actually HARDER to go back and write a scene like this than it would have been to just do it back then).

I have readers waiting. Many readers. More readers than I ever imagined I’d have. How did that happen? I don’t think I’m sending it to everyone who has offered, because quite frankly that many opinions would probably have me wanting to toss the thing in the trash. I feel like composing a letter to anyone who reads it, but at some point I have to stop making excuses.

It is what it is. It’s lightweight. It’s a quick, fun read. It’s not meant to have long lasting impact. It’s not meant to change your life. It’s meant to entertain you for as long as you’re reading it and leave you satisfied at the end. It’s meant to give you a few giggles, to make you smile. That’s it. I think it does those things. I think I’m happy with it.

That said, a small part of me is screaming out ‘do you really want people to read this? it has no point!’. It does, Cassie, it has a point. It’s point is to entertain. That’s good enough, Cassie, it’s good enough!  I don’t need to justify the novella to anyone, but myself – perhaps? I enjoyed writing it, a lot. I love the characters, I think it’s a fun story, I’ve never laughed before like this while writing, as normally there is way more serious stuff happening than funny stuff. It’s been a nice change.

So why on earth do I feel the need to justify it?

You don’t need to, Cassie. It is what it is. You have to set it free sometime, and what’s more, you should be proud of what you’ve written.


I’ll try not to blog to myself too much in the future 😉 Thanks for listening.


4 thoughts on “No Justification Needed”

  1. The need to justify a story is a hard one to break. I always feel like I should explain, but in reality, the story should do that on it’s own. It’s just hard to stand back and let it do that. But definitely be proud of what you’ve written!

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