Familiarity and comfort zones

I was having coffee with a friend a few days ago and she asked how my writing was going. She knew I’d been working hard on Mocha, and was checking in. I said to her that it was out with readers at the moment, but that I was hoping to do a final revise and polish in August and then send it out.

It wasn’t until that moment that I felt a little bit nervous about the whole thing. I mean, normal swings have happened – it’s wonderful, it’s rubbish, it should totally find a home, no-one will ever want to publish it – but I realized for the first time that the thought of ACTUALLY getting an acceptance is kind of out of my comfort zone.

I’ve had a couple short stories accepted. That was wonderful. I’ve done revisions and edits and checked proofs etc, so in some small way, I’ve had experience of what can potentially happen when you have a piece of your work accepted for publication. But the world of publishing longer things? It’s all new and kind of scary and for the the first time I’m actually going to be submitting something I truly think is ready (compared to when I was submitting Lifelines to agents and I had a feeling that neither my novel, or myself, were ready for bigger publication). Or at least, it will be ready by the time I submit.

And I am ready, I think, to have something longer in the world – whether that happens via a publisher, or whether I put it out myself. I’m actually ready. Nervous, yes, but excited. Scared, yes, but wanting to push ahead anyway. I’m familiar with rejection. I know it so very well. It’s time to kick down the walls of this comfortable nook though and extend myself.


6 thoughts on “Familiarity and comfort zones”

  1. It is a scary but beautiful feeling, reaching out of that safe, warm nook. You see it every day with your girls, how they expand their boundaries, but at their age, little fear exists. Adults know better, also how we get sidetracked. Whatever happens, you’re moving in the right direction. Looking forward to hearing what comes of it!

    Fantastic new look to the blog, btw… 🙂

    1. Thanks, Anna! I thought I’d sleep on it before I announced it. I saw this new theme and instantly wanted it 🙂

      You are so right about kids not having that same fear. I love how fearless they are, how they push themselves forward, how the new things they learn are bigger than the doubts they might have. It’s good motivation to push myself, too.

  2. Each little stretch increases the size of your “comfort zone.” But maybe life is more exciting just outside that zone, like a day that’s just a shade cooler than the one before. You’re doing great. :)TX

    1. Hehe, thanks, Texanne! One step at a time. I think like outside the zone probably is more exciting, though I’m not sure it’s a state I could live in forever – I’d rather increase the size of my zone, step my step! How are you doing these days?

  3. Ah, I know exactly what you mean. Its that initial feeling of trepidation, that burst of fear wondering ‘Argh, should I, shouldn’t I?’ But, if you always remain in your ‘comfort zone’, then you will, as I often like to say, end up wondering ‘Hmm, what if?’ and that to me is SO much worse!

    1. I totally agree with you! I’d rather give something a go, than forever wonder whether I should have. As they say, it’s better to regret the things you did, than the things you didn’t do (to a certain extent anyways! lol).

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