Why shorts (the story kind) rock

I’ve believed for a long time that learning to write short stories can only benefit me as a writer – those of you who are regulars will know this (I feel like I’m always harping on about it). I don’t believe you have to write good short to write good novels, but I certainly think it helps.

I came across a post the other day by Angel Leigh McCoy called Short Fiction for the Long Term which I think has a lot of really great points. You should go and read it.

That post, as well as another pointed out to me by a friend, and a gentle kick up the butt from one of my crit buddies helped get me moving again.

Last night in the short periods of time when the little ones were awake I hit on a title for a short story, and a couple of characters, and the first spark of an idea, which grew over each waking period (I’m up and down like half a dozen times a night, lol so when I have an idea, its great for mulling it over!).

I’m feeling the buzz today. Something that’s been lacking for a little while. I’m finding first drafting really hard after focusing on editing and revision for so long, but for some reason, short stories are a lot easier to draft than novellas or novels right now, so I am hoping to blitz it today and get a good number of words out. AND that it kick starts my drafting brain so I can get some solid words on Chasing Ascension!

Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Why shorts (the story kind) rock”

  1. Very good point. I really should write more shorts. They give you time to work on your writing in smaller portions and I really should work on getting more out there.

    Yay for a new idea Cassie and congrats again on your recent publication!

  2. I can see the value in writing short stories, but I don’t think they’ll ever appeal to me the way that novels do. Still, that’s no excuse for not giving them a shot, and any writing that you do is good for you… I just find there’s not enough hours in the day for everything I want to do, and when you get into not just writing and revising them, but also searching for publishing venues and all that… ugh!

  3. All I seem to do is write Shorts – mainly because I find it hard to summon up the courage to write a novel.
    And – it is teaching me that every word counts, the first draft is never going to be polished. I figure that shorts are giving me lots of good practice in writing, it enables me to actually finish the story in a satisfactory way and shove it “out there”…and occasionally one might get accepted and actually “GO” out there.
    So I get the joy of beginning (rush of enthusiasm for new idea), middle (technical fun of making the damn thing work) and end (the satisfaction of finishing it).
    But shucks, I’m 40 next year. Some blokes get a motorbike – I’m gonna write that novel!

  4. My short story ideas morph into long stories as I write, then complications and plot lines unfold till I’m overwhelmed with the possibilities.

    Good for you, for finding a way back to drafting after so long a time in revision and editing. You are learning your way around you! :)TX

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