By hand

I picked up a new notebook this morning, while I was out getting some other basics; you know, a new pillow to replace the one the cat peed on, some CRC so that I can stop the doors from squeaking, it only took me two years to get around to that…some more notebooks for the kids to draw in, that kind of thing (thanks heavens for The Warehouse, a one stop shop!).

Anyways, the notebook was pretty, and I couldn’t help myself. It does not fit the tone of Saving Tomorrow, but regardless, I’m going to use it to do the bulk of my planning. Of course, I had to photograph using the flash to show you the sparkly hearts! So pretty…

I have found in the past that I really enjoy planning by hand. There is something about it that connects me to the story in a way that typing doesn’t – perhaps it’s because it takes me longer to get my thoughts on the page, and so I have time to think more carefully before I put the words down. In any event, it’s a lovely way to spill ideas onto the page.

Right now, I am asking a lot of questions and searching for the answers. So far, those are coming fairly easily, but then, this is mostly about fleshing out the world. Another day or so and I will start getting into the details of the plot, seeing as there is some mystery involved in the story line, I might need to think ahead. I have a character in mind as the killer, but I need to flesh him out more, ground him in the world that’s growing in these pages.

I do so love this stage where everything is blending together and forming a rich, delicious world, filled with great characters and loads of promise. I can’t wait to start writing!


10 thoughts on “By hand”

  1. Wow. That notebook is gorgeous!

    I prefer to plan by hand as well. One, like you said because it takes longer to get the ideas down long hand. And two, because I can get messy. I can scribble in the margins, x stuff out, brainstorm and draw arrows to things that would work great linked… It gives me a fluidity that I don’t always have on the computer.

    I’m glad you’re making progress and hope you get to start writing soon! -hugs-

    1. Fluidity! that’s it exactly. I feel like I can make more connections because things don’t have to be linear in a notebook. Like you said, you can draw arrows and cross things out. It evolves in a totally different way than it would on a screen.

  2. Before I drafted everything on the computer I used to use loose leaf notebook paper and keep everything in a three-ringed binder. There’s just something about being able to pull the binder off of the shelf and flipping through those pages and being able to see how a story took form. Especially those early works that literally have hundreds of pages in them…

    My very first binder was for a novel I wrote in college and the cover I slid into the front of the binder was a color print of Vampire Princess Miyu, a character from an anime that I really liked at the time. It was appropriate as the novel was an urban fantasy featuring vampires.

    1. That would be so cool! having folders to look back over 🙂 I need to keep better track of my notebooks, save them up – I lost a bunch of hard copy stuff a few years back and have avoided it since, but I think I’m ready again.

  3. Ah, we’re so different. I haven’t written anything on paper in YEARS… I guess for me, I find it to be a pointless step, but maybe I’ve just become too used to being on the computer? Your notebook is very pretty, after all… I’ve never seen a computer with THAT for a cover… 😉

    1. hehe, I’d love to get some pretty covers for my laptop – they don’t really sell over here tho!
      I think computers are good for lots of things, but I find the connections happen in a different way on paper, and I like that 🙂 Lucky we’re not all the same, life would be pretty boring if that was the case!

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