Why I love the Rugby World Cup

The RWC kicks off in New Zealand on Friday, and the whole nation is excited – rugby is, after all, one of our most loved sports and it’s a great opportunity for little old NZ to host.

image courtesy of guardian.co.uk

What is even cooler is that this means the games are going to be on at a reasonable hour! While I am not a die hard fan of rugby, I will most likely watch a few games here and there.

And all the other ones?? Muahahahaha. Well, my husband will be glued to the TV. Last night he told me he thought there were three nights a week of rugby and my brain quickly calculated that would net me 5 hours or so of bonus writing time a week. WOOOOOO.

I’m struggling to write at nights a bit, but there is no way I can let this opportunity slip through my fingers. In past years we’ve had SkyTV and rugby season has always netted me some bonus writing time – thankfully the RWC is being aired on some free channels, as we don’t have pay TV anymore (LOVE just having basic TV).

So, I have this week to get my game on, get my head stuck into my novel so that I can max out my writing output for the duration of the Cup.

I’m keen to watch the All Blacks play, and hope they do really well – but I’m also keen to tackle this novel!

Maybe I can think of a RWC themed writing game… every time the AB’s win a game I have to do a 2k push on Saving Tomorrow, or something. Tama??? lol 


5 thoughts on “Why I love the Rugby World Cup”

  1. I am looking forward to watching the world cup from bed, international rugby with breakfast is always a treat, and we’ve got a couple of months of it! I’ve checked the schedule and I think I only have to miss two games because of needing to go to work, otherwise I can watch everything before heading off to the office – woot woot!

  2. When we lived in the UK, I LOVED watching the Euro and World Cup football, even though soccer/football never was one of my preferred sports. Something about the tournament aspect drew me in, also it was the timing, games readily available. Enjoy and go All Blacks!

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