Revising expectations

I’m really struggling to sink into Saving Tomorrow at the moment. There has been a fair chunk of real life stuff going on that’s been filling my head, and let’s face it, the girls are keeping me very busy.

I remember only a few months ago when there was more time for writing. Not that I was necessarily getting more done, but we seem to have moved into a new stage here, one that is more active than ever before – the sunshine certainly helps, but when it comes down to it, I just have very busy kids who love to explore and experiment with things. Fantastic qualities that I want to encourage and support. Which means way less down time.

I’m cool with that. A good friend once said to me (I think this was back when I only had two kids, not three), that it probably wouldn’t be until they were all in school that I’d have the time and head space to write as much as I wanted to. At the time I dismissed that – after all, I’m freaking amazing – but now I can see that there is some sense in it.

It’s not that I don’t have the time (well, it IS limited), or the desire, or the willpower. I will continue to work on getting my short fiction published, I’ll keep chipping away at this novel and I’ll get to ‘the end’ eventually. Just not in my preferred time frame. Which is where the sense comes in. I now see that it wasn’t the time or head space that was the important part of that wisdom, it was the want.

However, I refuse to be frustrated. There are other options, I am sure, I just have to navigate my way through them and find a balance between frustration and apathy. (Which, if I am honest, is where I’m at now – knowing that it’s going to take me forever makes it hard to throw myself into the story. There is just no time for immersion, which is the way I usually like it).

Anyway, once again, I need to shift my expectations. This is a particularly busy time in my children’s lives, one that I want to embrace fully and make the most of. And perhaps that means that I won’t get to 30K on the novel this month. Maybe it means it might take me the rest of the year to get the first draft done. Maybe longer.

And that’s okay.


6 thoughts on “Revising expectations”

  1. I’m amazed that you can write at all and mother your little ones. Those babies grow so fast, I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on a thing. But I do hope you find time to write enough to keep your Muse satisfied. 🙂

    1. That’s all I need! lol I just sneak my writing in – while I’m cooking dinner, while the kids nap (on the good days, they are asleep at the same time for 1hr+) on the bad days, I force them out (and everything else) after their bedtime and before I become completely incoherent… I’m hopeful that in the near future I’ll have two kids who sleep all night, with just one to work on, and THEN I’ll have more night time energy. Well, that’s my hope… LOL always gotta live in hope 😉
      Thanks for the comment, Linda!

  2. I think I was the above-mentioned friend (lol), and I continue to be amazed at what you get done with all your wee ones- not just the writing but the amazing writerly volunteer work you do. That you are “freakin amazing” is the world’s biggest understatement. Don’t get discouraged. I can’t wait to see what more you do when those kiddos do get in school.

    1. Yes, you were that friend! 🙂 It’s so neat that you remember, too. Thank you for the kind words, Ripley. It’s supportive and encouraging friends like you that make my journey richer.

  3. I love that you came to the conclusion of shifting expectations. I understand that completely! Sometimes I want to complete all my goals Right Now, and feel that I have the drive and motivation and whatever else to do it. But, you know what? I’m human. I get tired. I need to sleep eventually. And so, I need to remember that though creating and pursuing goals is very important, I need to be realistic about them.
    Your ability to balance your writing while raising your children is always an inspiration to me, and I have every confidence you will reach your goals! ^_^

    1. Aw, thanks Liza!

      Being realistic can be so hard when you write fiction fantastical things 😉 But you are totally right, being realistic is really important.

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