Too many balls in the air

I’m juggling madly at the moment, and dropping balls all over the place. Which is frustrating. I’m actually a very good juggler, literally and figuratively (my kids think its hilarious to give me three different shaped/sized objects and see how long I can keep them all in the air), but right now? Ack.

I keep saying I won’t get frustrated with things, but that’s not as easy to do as I think it should be. Right now it’s not the writing, it’s just the everything. I don’t even have time to really blog, let alone think of anything decent to blog about!

This has to change today. I need to start a list and then tick some things off it. I just need to start. One task at a time. It always comes back to that!

What tools do you use to make sure you’re not getting overloaded? I’d love to hear!


12 thoughts on “Too many balls in the air”

  1. I use an online task list (currently rememberthemilk.com, toodledo is also good). It takes a while to set up but everything is on a recurring pattern. So daily I have things like write 250 words, 30 minutes of exercise etc. Twice daily (we alternate cooking) I have make sure we have ingredients for dinner. Posts at various blogs are every 3 days (though I’m on a semi-hiatus at the moment) then I have less regular tasks (eg laundry, weekly, buy bus pass, every 30 days, pay rates, every 2 months).
    The other thing I’ve started doing is making a deal with myself that on non-work days I won’t work (in any sense of the word) past 3pm. It tends to put the pressure on to get things done quickly and then have three time, rather than spending the whole day procrastinating at doing stuff.
    Obviously these are quite specific to me, but I hope you find something that works for you. I’m super impressed by your juggling.

    1. I really like your thing of not working past 3pm on non-work days. It’s probably a really good way to schedule some downtime, and limit yourself – I think that’s important for me because I’m home all the time so have the potential to be working at any hour of the day if I don’t stop myself.
      I’ve been using the task list on gmail, lol but it’s pretty basic.

  2. I swear by the The Pomodoro Technique® http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/ Worth checking out if things are starting to get on top of you. I tend to work and work and work and forget to take a break. This helps keep me organised and on task. Basically you work in 25min increments, but visit the website for a more in-depth explanation.

    BTW .. your juggling antics also use to keep me entertained. It’s an art I doubt I will ever master! (but I’m sure your remember trying to teach me!)

    1. lol some people just can’t juggle, Em!

      Can you make it work in 5 min increments?? lol I think maybe that’s my problem – never enough solid blocks of time to get anything done! I’ll check out the site 🙂

  3. I tend to think that juggling and multitasking is a good way of getting a lot of things half done. But then, sometimes it’s unfortunately necessary. When that happens I use a few different systems to keep everything on track.
    The main one is my Whiteboard.
    It’s divided into 6 sections. 1, The Week. 2, The Day. 3, To Remember. 4, Blog #1 (pending projects and posts etc). 5, Blog #2 (pending projects and posts etc). 6, Notes for one of my WIP.
    Every Sunday, I list in 1 everything I want done for the week, from chores to blog and WIP stuff to gym sessions. And then at the end of each day I add stuff from 1 to 2.
    When there’s a heap of stuff happening, I tend to make detailed lists down to the minute…. 7:00am work on A. 7:25am break. 7:30am Work on B. 8:00am etc etc etc. But that kind of approach is only really effective when you’re in complete control of your time and day. I am at the point at the moment where I want to only concentrate on a particular project, but unfortunately other obligations are making that hard, so these kinds of dedicated timetables do help a lot. I can’t keep up with this kind of day for usually more than 3 in a row. Too tiring!

    And then there are the occasional days where I go “screw this” and do whatever I feel like doing at any given moment.

    1. Haha, I have those ‘screw it!’ days too.

      You know, I completely agree with you about juggling being a good way to get half of everything done. I think that’s my problem at the moment! Too many things half done, and not enough getting finished. I think a lot of it is that these things all clutter up my head so that I can barely even see what I’m meant to be doing any more.

      Your lists sound good! I think I need to find a system that works for me 🙂

      Thanks Kate

  4. My youngest was trying to juggle lemons a while back; we have a tree and it’s abundant. What we noticed afterwards was how the white tile where she stood had splotches of yellow from where they have fallen; she had to mop that section of the floor when she was done! 🙂

    I used to thrive on lists, but gave it up several years ago except for grocery shopping and Christmastime. The main tool I use is prayer, but maybe that’s not the answer you’re talking about (hence I started this with the lemons in the air anecdote). I keep every main event on the kitchen calendar and within my iTouch. I put a post-it note on my monitor for something really important that I can’t forget (like making sure the newly updated security blah blah blah for my computer gets onto my youngest daughter’s machine too). But really, I try to follow a simple unspoken tenet of what do I really need to accomplish today? Today I have to take a comforter to the laundromat, it’s too big for my washer. I need to wash towels, which stares at me every time I walk down the hallway and see the big wicker shelf looking bereft of terrycloth. I need to vacuum, also easily visible from the crud on the carpet. Or I need to get one of my boomerang children to do it. 🙂 Sometimes life is overwhelming, and what I learned fourteen years ago (and is still an ongoing process) is that certain items swirling will be attended. But not everything, or not what I THINK needs attention. It runs from household chores to writing to feeding the hummingbirds. They poop on my clothesline, so when I washed sheets the other day, I put off feeding them until that night, letting the bedding dry without being crapped on. Cassie, prayer is ethereal and certainly not scientific, but so far, so good. Or at least until the next time the hummingbirds dump on clean clothes, raising my ire.

    1. If prayer works for you, then certainly keep doing it! I’m not opposed to the idea at all 🙂

      I had to giggle about the lemons, and the hummingbirds pooping on your sheets! lol that’s terrible, but at least you’ve found a way to avoid it 😉

      You have an iTouch?? Hubby’s is getting repairs, but since he has recently purchased a smart phone, when it comes back it’s all mine! Is there an app or something you use? Or is it just something on the iTouch already? I’m excited to get this, and have something with a calendar! My phone used to have one, but the new budget model doesn’t have a way to put anything in to it – no alarms, no reminders, nothing. It sucks, and I am lost without the reminders!

      1. LOL I have issues haha. Good luck with your time management! It’s not easy finding balance when you have a young family and a house to attempt to keep in order! It’s hard enough without the additional pressure we out ourselves under! (Good thing it’s worth it!)

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