A lot of you will know what morning pages are, and I admit I’d heard of them for a long time and not thought I needed them. Until this last week. I’ve been feeling so out of sorts and completely unable to push past the messiness going on in my head that I decided to give it a go.
Well. Let me tell you – I wish I’d done it a lot sooner! It’s only been three days now, but the simple act of getting up, opening 750words.com and getting all the junk out of my head while the kids eat their breakfast has really changed the way I feel about just about everything.
I can’t say that it’s related to writing on the page, yet, but I WANT to write, and that’s a nice change. I’m going to write today, on Saving Tomorrow, and I’m actually excited about that. Thank goodness!
I’m hopeful that this next week will see some progress in that department, and maybe soon I can move away from the beginning and into the dreaded middle 😉
Don’t forget, New Zealand Speculative Fiction Blogging Week begins tomorrow!