Tēnā koutou. Haere mai! Welcome, everyone.
A year ago, I had no idea just how rich the realm of speculative fiction was within New Zealand. I’d been in contact with a few people, had a few friends who were doing things, but I was mostly unaware of the gold that was still untapped. This all changed at the end of February when Anna and I set about the task of compiling the benefit anthology, Tales for Canterbury.
Through this project I had the opportunity to make contact with a phenomenal range of New Zealand authors*. They all have such different takes on the world, such varying styles of writing, but one thing remained the same—they were all generous, helpful, friendly and wonderful to work with.
I never imagined that despite other commitments and deadlines looming, despite being affected personally by the quake, so many writers would be so willing to pitch in. I don’t know why I was surprised though, because for the most part, this is my experience of being a New Zealander. That ‘get in there and help out’ attitude.
So, not only is New Zealand filled with amazing writers (some of whom I’ll share more about later this week), but those writers are also amazing people. I feel lucky, and inspired, to be part of that bunch, and hope that one day when I’m better established as a writer I’ll be able to do my country proud like these folks. Creativity and passion are not lacking here. The Land of the Long White Cloud is filled with it.
I hope you’ll tune in this week, and check out the other posts that will be going up around the web. A list will be compiled at this page as we get the links through.
*I had contact with a fair few fabulous overseas authors as well, but because this is NZ spec-fic blogging week, I’ll be focusing on the Kiwis 😉