The Comfort of Wood

My short story (of the above title) is now live over at The Lorelei Signal. You can read it for free here. It’s my first published fantasy story, and I was thrilled to find it a home!

I’ve posted the opening paragraphs below. I hope you’ll go and have a read 🙂

As they rode into camp Shanna was overwhelmed first by the smell. Sweat, blood and human waste. No wonder women didn’t come into the field, the atmosphere was more unpleasant than anything she had experienced in her life. If it weren’t for her…skills…she wouldn’t be here.

No. If she had listened to her Mother’s advice—if she had stayed hidden—she wouldn’t be here.

“Our tents are over there.” Her husband, Tavian, pointed to a small cluster of guarded tents just out of the main camp. “We can avoid most of the smell that way.” He winked at her and smirked.

Shanna laughed softly and was genuinely relieved they wouldn’t be near the soldiers. It was bad enough she might see the casualties of her weapons, without having to hear the men talk about how well their arrows flew. The arrows she had crafted.


6 thoughts on “The Comfort of Wood”

  1. Congratulations, Cassie! Lovely story–left me wanting to know a whole lot more about Shanna, her magic, the world… It’s a great thing when a story can leave you thinking, “what happens next?” But it’s an even better thing when a story leaves you asking, “what happened first?” as well!

    Well done!

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