Well, last night was a resounding success. It couldn’t have gone better!! I drove the kids to Hubby’s work, and as soon as he got out, kissed them goodbye and did a car switch. He headed off to McDonald’s with them for a Daddy/daughters date, and I went to my course.
I even managed to resist the desire to call him to make sure everything was okay when we had a break during class.
I didn’t really learn anything new, but it was a nice introduction, and cool to meet some other people who are passionate about helping people. I think I’m the youngest in the class. There were six other women, and one man – though there will be a second starting next week. It’s always great to see men training for roles like this, which seem to primarily draw females.
I gave one of the women a lift home as she’s carless at the moment. By the time I got in the door I was pretty exhausted, and I had the pleasure of coming home to a household of sleeping children. Did not expect that! I was so pleased for Hubby that it went well, and so proud of the girls for being so great for him. Having a fantastic first run at this new phase of our lives was perfect.
I’m looking forward to next week – and it makes me feel a lot more confident about going out in the future. I reckon this weekend I really will hit a cafe for a couple hours with my laptop. Yippeee!!!