This weekend, after much stalling, I finally took my laptop out on a date. After I first made the decision to do this (weeks ago), a few things happened to get in my way – one weekend I was really sore, another I was exhausted, and then finally last weekend I had to admit that actually, I was just nervous. Nervous about writing in public.
I’m well aware that no-one out there in the world at large really cares what I do with my time, and a girl with a laptop, drinking coffee in a cafe is nothing out of the ordinary. No-one would be giving me funny looks, and yet, in my head, it felt kind of weird to be out of the house and writing – I guess it goes back to that whole ‘reading over my shoulder’ feeling. Somehow, being in public made me feel vulnerable.
Anyway, once I realized that this was the case, I was determined to BUST that fear. Saturday presented me no opportunity, but Sunday was perfect. Unfortunately by the time I left the house and arrived in town I realized it was almost 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and a bunch of places just weren’t open. Or at least the places I had considered going. GAH!
So what did I do? I ended up in the McCafe section of McDonald’s… the coffee wasn’t good, but they have awesome sized tables and it wasn’t that busy. I learned some valuable things:
a) my battery has about 40 mins tops once I start it up. This is actually a good thing. I can write an awful lot in 40 minutes if I’ve got the incentive, and a dying battery is a great one.
b) it takes me a lot less time to dive right in that I ever imagined it would! I opened a second document initially and started typing to myself that this would all be okay and I could have five minutes to get my head straight, and by the time I had finished two sentences of self encouragement I flicked back to Sun-Touched and got to work.
c) this novel rocks. I really like Madea, and in two short scenes I have thrown a fair bit of crap at her. The third scene is going to be even worse. I can’t help but smile and think of all the wonderful conflict and challenges in her path. Won’t be long now before I plunge her towards madness. Excellent <said with Mr Burns in mind>.
I’m really looking forward to the next date with my laptop. I will have to plan in advance a little better, but if all else fails, at least I know I can write at McD’s!