Bad Habits

I’ve fallen into some pretty bad habits lately, mostly involving wasting an awful lot of time while the kids are having their day nap. I’ll eat lunch slowly, and read a book, and then Nati will stir, giving me the opportunity to pick her up and rock her back to sleep. After which she can’t be put down, so I’ll sit on the couch and catch up on some TV shows.

Very relaxing and nurturing on those days where I’m suffering from sleep deprivation, very lazy and indulgent on the days when I’m not.

Funnily, since getting out with my laptop on Sunday, I’m finding myself less inclined to waste that precious time. I’ve actually been writing for good chunks, and making some solid progress on Sun-Touched. I’m so in love with this story, so excited by all the possibilities it presents – and thrilled with the first impressions I’m getting from the few people who I’ve let read the first scene/s.

It feels really wonderful to have snapped out of the slump I was in, and to be making productive use of the time I do have available. It’s such a small slice of my day, and I wasn’t feel good about wasting it, just couldn’t seem to sit myself down and get busy though.

Funnily, so many things that have happened in the last month have shown to me that the old wisdom about the first steps being the hardest really is true – going out to my course one night a week was really hard the first week, but every week since, it gets easier and I really look forward to it. Taking my laptop out on a date was really hard as well, but so worthwhile for the connection it gave me to my novel and the desire to do it again soon is really strong. And now that I have that connection, now that I’ve taken the first vital steps into the novel, it’s easier every day to ignore the pull of the couch and mindless TV in order to get some writing done.

What bad habits do you have that you’d like to break? How might you take the first steps to push through those barriers to achieving the things you want?


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