Experiencing technical difficulties

My laptop is not behaving. At all. It won’t wake up from sleep mode, it’s freezing and crashing and just not being nice to me. I’m having to restart it an awful lot. And I’m having difficulty checking whether everything is backed up or not.

Of course, today when I plugged my flash drive in to check what was on that and what wasn’t, I discovered it was dead.

I’m trying really hard to be calm about all of this. To trust that Dropbox won’t fail, that my husband will find a way to make my laptop keep working, that I had been smart enough to make sure that everything on my flash drive was also on my computer, or dropbox.

That doesn’t change the sense of anxiety that is creeping up on me, that things are failing already and what if more stuff fails?

Just so you know, I started writing this two days ago. Since then, one of my daughters accidentally spilled juice into my mouse, which is no longer working (some went in my laptop, but not enough to do any damage, or make it any worse than it is!). There is potentially a need for a new hard drive to make my laptop work right, but who knows. I don’t think I mentioned that a few weeks ago the trackpad and mouse buttons on the laptop itself died. I’m so frustrated that I’m not sure what to think.

And to make matters worse, it seems as though some of the things I was working on didn’t upload from Dropbox folder on my computer to the net, and now I’m freaking out that I’ve lost those altogether. I know I saved them, where are they???

It’s not a good week for technology and me. Not a good week at all. I feel kind of sick about it, twisted up inside. I’m not a writer who does things by hand. I can barely read my own handwriting.

Thank heavens my husband has a computer, even if he doesn’t have any programmes on it that can be used to write with. Thank heavens for google docs.

Anyways, all of this to say that I’m having a crappy time of it right now. I haven’t got much of anything done this week – no writing, I’m behind on reviews, and interviews and everything else in the world I am meant to be doing. As of today, I’m giving up on my laptop for now though, until my husband can sort it out. It’s just too frustrating and consuming to spend more time thinking about. I need to get some work done.

Huh. Guess that means no coffee date with it this weekend. Bah.


10 thoughts on “Experiencing technical difficulties”

  1. Aww hunny! Perhaps its time for a new lappie? But I know how you feel – I lost 50k once and never tried to rewrite the book since 😦 Lets hope DB has complied and you find most of you work. ((hugs))

    1. It seems to have improved somehow over the weekend – thankfully! It’s even now waking up from sleep/hibernate okay. Very odd… Maybe when Natalie stood on it she fixed it?? lol

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! It seems to be working better now. Not perfect, but much better – which is odd, because Hubby never got around to taking a look at it. Very weird!

  2. I partially know where you’re coming from. Webcam, memory stick reader and usb ports have recently decided to die on my laptop (apparantly could be the usb hub). The damn thing’s just over two years old!!!!
    My previous laptop died as it slolwy got clogged up with internet rubbish and became slower and slower and harder to actually get started.
    At least my 2001 XP desktop (that is NOT connected) to the internet is still working just fine.

    1. haha, yes, no internet seems to make things last longer 😉 I hate how gadgets do seem to all pack it in at the same time! This laptop is only two years old, too, so I’m not prepared to let it die. I guess it’s been submitted to the tortures of three small children though, when the last one only had one child to contend with!

  3. Hey Cassie, having recently had a laptop die, I feel your pain. Fingers crossed you find the work that has moved into hyperspace and nothing has been lost for you.

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