Totally out of character

I’ve been feeling beyond frustrated this week with the lack of writing progress I’m making – the kids seem intent on dominating any writing time I might have, and by the end of the day I just want to curl up in bed with a book. So last night, I did something I’ve never done before.

I left the house at 9pm. I took my laptop, and headed to McDonald’s for a frappe. Normally, 9pm finds me in my PJs on the couch, finishing watching a show with my husband, or in bed. So it was obviously time for drastic measures for me to be heading out at that time of night.

It was awfully tempting to stay home, go to bed, and finish The Night Circus (which I did once I got home, I couldn’t help myself). But it was time to put my writing first for a few minutes, and I knew I had to be free from my house in order to make that work.

And it DID work. I didn’t quite hit my 1k goal, but I did get 900 words, and would have got more if I hadn’t been spotted by someone I knew over ten years ago who thought he would come and chat to me. Ah well. I guess that’s one of the ‘dangers’ of writing in public 😉

I’m not sure I’ll manage to get out again this weekend, but I will try. We’ve got Hubby’s work Christmas function tonight, and then the work kids Christmas party tomorrow afternoon, but if a chance arises, then I am going to snatch it. I was aiming to have 10,000 words by the end of the weekend and I am still a few thousand off.

I may be uncharacteristic again in the future. It was kind of nice to do something I’ve never done before. Now, let’s hope that I don’t have to escape the house every time I want to get some writing done!


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