I totally need a new title…

I’ve barely mentioned the novel I’ll be revising this year, because I’ve been in deep thought about it. Without having read the thing yet, I know that there is a major issue with it and I wasn’t sure how to tackle that.

You see, it’s one of those pesky ‘partly set on earth, and then partly set on new planet’ novels. I chatted about it with M via email this morning and when she said those inevitable words ‘Do you even need the part on Earth?’, I had to stop and seriously think about it.

The novel was originally called The Consign Mate. The idea was one I had back when I was a teenager. It was about a girl who basically flunked out and so was set to be shipped off Earth to help colonize planets for the worthy. Part of the programme is that they are assigned a ‘mate’ who is genetically determined to be the match best suited to producing healthy, intelligent children. Her mate is someone she has a lot of negative history with. This is all pretty standard stuff, really, I mean, I was only 15 or so when I started writing this!

Anyway, the story morphs into something else entirely once they get to this new world, and that is where the interesting stuff happens. I think I would have come to the point where I asked myself whether Earth was really important at some point, but this conversation has spurred me on to it earlier. There will need to be some drastic reworking, but I think it will make for a much better story – one that I’m more excited about. There is something to be said for cutting massive amounts of story.

But I totally need a new title, because it has nothing to do with mates now. In fact, I could change a huge chunk of the backstory (and already have, in my head /rubs hands together in glee). It leaves room for some more freaky stuff, yup, I can see it now…

OH, this is going to be fun.

Of course, I should probably read the thing in it’s entirety before I get too carried away, and that task is on the cards for next week. I have a couple of things I would really like to finish up first, and then I plan to get stuck into a read through, during which I’ll also make scene/chapter notes.

It’s going to be such a good year, folks. SUCH a good year.

How is your 2012 shaping up so far? Making progress?


14 thoughts on “I totally need a new title…”

  1. Names whether Title, Character or Place drive me to distraction. The only way I can stop myself from fixating is to throw in something random and plow forward. Otherwise I’ll just sit there. Patiently going insane trying to come up with the perfect name.

    Fate’s Own until very recently was called Genesis which is about as uninspired a title as one can pick for a book. Whether Fate’s will stick if it ever reaches completion is anyone’s guess. (This years goal btw)

    As it stands it sounds like you have great plans for re-imagining The Consign Mate and I’m sure a new title will come as you dive back in.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 I try not to get too stuck up on names first round of a novel/story (my first drafts are often peppered with or heh.

      Good luck with Fate’s Own this year! I’ll be checking up on your progress.

  2. Aaah Cassie that sounds like such a fun story to play with. I’ve decided my finished one is not going to take any of my attention this year, I’m going to just concentrate on #2. I’m loving the storyline, its gives my goosebumps to think of the potential in the story … now just to write it to its full potential *chews off a few nails*. I’m aiming at the 2000 word a week and I’ve got 600 words to go before the first week of this year is over – do-able I think (if I can get my kids to leave me alone 🙂 ).

    What I will say is how much I appreciate being able to do this with you ladies, feels so much better than plugging away all by myself!

    1. You can totally do this 🙂 And I agree – having people to write alongside with is a real blessing. It’s great to be able to share the journey with you! Hope you manage to get those words out this weekend.

  3. Just reading this post makes me excited for you Cassie. I’ve recently had to face some hard things and have had to really look at what I was doing (long story…).

    Creatively I’ve been stunting myself and this year I am determined to break down those barriers and get back to the heart of me.

    1. Go, Cheryl! It’s awesome that you are determined to break down those walls and get back to what you want to be doing. I’ll totally be on board for cheering you along 🙂

  4. It sounds like your Story Question is about the original idea and the Climax is about something different, to use the concepts Merrilee has already mentioned. 🙂

    It is SUPER EXCITING!!!! I’ve got my revision spreadsheet all sorted and a post should be going up on my blog about it later this week. All this to say that I finally feel that I’m ready to revise my novel. YAY!

    1. Woo! You sound really organized!

      And you’re totally right – after reading her post that was the conclusion I reached. I think it’s fairly easy to overcome though, and think I am on the right track.

  5. I have a similar problem with my beginning – I didn’t really have a handle on the characters and their relationships, so about 1/3 of the way in, they morph into something completely different! So a lot of my revision is going to be rewriting those first 10 chapters.

    1. 10 chapters is a fair chunk. I went through today to see how many words I would be losing and it comes in at around 25,000… OUCH! I’ll have a lot of rewriting too!

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