I love school. I really do. Ivy LOVES her new class. Which is just as well because I feel a little intimidated by it (half the class is a whole year ahead of her!! she’s the youngest in her room, by more than a year in some cases). Lauren and Nati are thrilled to be back to Playcentre and I am actually getting some sleep.

Last night I was woken just ONE time. ONCE!!! And I was only up for about half an hour. That hasn’t happened in… well, freaking ages. I feel GOOD. At ease, at peace, drifting blissfully through the morning. The lunches are made, and the bags packed (and then repacked several times because Natalie is helpfully unpacking them), and I’m looking forward to getting home from our morning out, and getting some writing done.

Because on Monday, I slacked off a little. I think I was definitely allowed one day of just enjoying the silence, of just ‘being’ in a house with no one else awake. It would be far too easy to make a habit of that, so I need to start setting my routine in place before I get to comfortable on the couch.

I have worlds to explore, words to write – and things are getting really exciting for Madea. I am treading a careful line, trying not to show her all the cards too soon, but gosh it’s tempting! lol

Anyway, I better get back to getting ready (and, you know, wrangle clothes onto Natalie for the third time this morning). I thought I better check in and let you know that my dream came true, and we’re all thrilled to be back into some kind of routine. It makes a world of difference. May the good sleep continue, may the children thrive.

In some ways it feels like the New Year has only just started.


3 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh”

  1. Cassie,i know how you feel,my finally all my children were at school yesterday and my hubby at work.today is wonderful,i feel the stress starting to release itself slowly from my body and more importantly,my head is starting to clear from the busy noise and pace that is the holidays.it seems i had a foggy headache all holidays that is clearing now(i was actually very happy with how the holidays went) i can think again,i have projects i want to get into.everything seems easier and faster now.Painting the living room wall,is faster without kids asking for a million things,saying they are bored,wanting to go places and telling me,they are hungry.I can walk anywhere i want,without bribing anyone with promises of an icecream if they come with me.Why dont 6yr olds want to go get some exercise lol.
    The best thing,no kids programmes,or TV,during the day!!! (well maybe,i’ll watch a programme,i want to watch without being disturbed)

    1. So glad you are enjoying them all being back in school – YAY!!!! I can’t wait to see your house once the lounge/dining has been fully painted. It’s going to be amazing 🙂

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