End of Jan summary

Well, a whole month has passed since Project 2012: First draft to submission began.  It was a pretty busy one at home, which posed some challenges, but all up I think it was successful.

I managed to read through the first draft of TCM (which still needs a new title!), and I discovered the opposite of what I thought was true – the bits I thought were exciting and interesting ARE, but they make up a much smaller part of the novel than I had thought. And all the stuff before that?? Well that was interesting too!!

In the end, I stopped counting scenes and making notes around 70% into the novel because everything after that will be different. I found that I wrote a lot of very short scenes, many of which could easily be combined or deleted entirely. I have a few characters but only the main ones are fleshed out in any way. I also discovered that I really like my MC, she kicks butt, and she has some meaty issues to explore.

There is a lot that is going to be cut away from the original story line, but also a lot I intend to keep – more than I thought I would, which gives me more hope for getting this done. I’m sticking with my original premise, and have an exciting new vision for the end of the novel. At some point, I probably will write the other novel – see, there is totally a silver lining to first drafts that veer away from original concepts!

As for Sun-Touched, despite the kids being home all month, I managed to add around 7,000 words to it. It’s just shy of 30K now, and while I had hoped to have more words, I feel pretty good about where it’s going. I threw Madea off a (figurative) cliff and she’s scrambling for purchase now in Act 2, will be interesting to see how it all plays out!

February has marked a return to school for Ivy, and Playcentre has started up for the Littles and I as well. We’re into ‘settle’ in mode, and I am confident that within a couple of weeks we’ll have found a nice little routine.

So January was a pretty good month really, though I have a feeling that February is going to be even better. I’m going to keep writing on Sun-Touched, as well as try to hash out a new outline for TCM.



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