R.I.P Shadowcat

Today, my eldest kitty was hit by a car. She died on impact. The car didn’t stop, but the neighbours across the road saw it, wrapped her, and brought her to me.

I’ve had Mishka for 11 years, the longest I have had a pet for since my childhood. She’s been a faithful companion, a constant presence and I miss her. I miss her desperately. I see her ghost outside every window and door tonight. Her quiet presence hasn’t left the building just yet.

It’s three years (and four days) since I lost my last cat, Mojo, and tomorrow we will dig Mishka’s grave next to his. They can rest in peace together.


14 thoughts on “R.I.P Shadowcat”

  1. Oh what a beautiful photo JC!!!
    you know you’re the second blogger in the last few months that has posted about their cat being killed by a car. It’s terrible.
    I understand how you feel – I had to put a cat down 3.5 years ago (my first experience with that) and I still feel him or see him in the house.
    At least she died on impact. Car must have been going fast.

  2. Oh, Cassie, I’m so sorry. I know just how you feel. I had a cat like that, Hobbes, back before we had children. He died of some kind of congenital defect when he was four or so. He’s been gone since 1996, and there are still days when I wish I could wake up to his little “mmrrff” in my ear. We’ve had cats since then, but none have been the same. He was my shadowcat.

    I’m so, so sorry you lost your shadow. (((HUGS)))

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