A paper book!

I got mail a few days ago, lovely, wonderful, paper book mail. It’s been over a year since I read a paper book (I am not calling it a ‘real’ book because I think of a book as whats on the pages, not what those pages are made of), and nothing has really tempted me to break that dry spell.

However, this book is different for several important reasons. Firstly, it’s the debut release from Steam Press, NZ’s own publisher of speculative fiction. Secondly, there is a Tim Jones comment on the back that says “If the Dalai Lama and Terry Pratchett collaborated on a novel, it might read something like this.” (Come on, tell me you don’t want to read it after that??) Thirdly, it’s set in Dunedin, NZ – yay local genre fiction! And fourthly, well it’s just GORGEOUS!!!

Here, see for yourself:

I love the drawings, and there are other cool things inside as well – but you’ll have to get your own copy to really enjoy them. As I said on twitter the day I received it, I would totally buy more paper books if they looked like this. I LOVE flicking through and looking at all the bits.

Anyways, I read the first chapter earlier and am looking forward to reading more tonight. This book is available as of March 14th!!

From the back cover:

What happens when we die?

This has been the third question on mankind’s FAQ list since the dawn of time (numbers one and two being: Is this edible? and Excuse me, would you care to breed?).

I know what happens. Believe me, I’d rather not. But I do.

There is a lighthouse, and it guides our souls along the narrow path to being reborn as humans. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, as my undead grandad and the Tibetan special-mission monk in my kitchen have kindly told me, there’s a problem with the lighthouse. And if the world is to be saved, someone needs to fix it. 

Which is where I come in: George Larson, eighteen years old. Who could possibly be better suited to save the world?

Well, almost anyone. Especially as being a teenage guy is nothing at all about question three but all about questions one and two. 

And really, that’s complicated enough as it is.


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