Two steps back to move forward

I’ll confess to feeling a little stuck with the writing of Sun-Touched this last week. Once the after-outline bliss had worn off I was left feeling somewhat lackluster about the novel and couldn’t seem to figure out why.

ACK. I hate it when that happens.

Funnily, Merrilee posted just a few days ago about wishing she’d figured something out a week ago, and now I’ve had one of those moments of my very own.

The shiny new outline I made for the novel negates some of the things that happened in the second to last scene I wrote in Sun-Touched. Really small details, but apparently details that were tripping my brain up. I mean, they were so tiny, such SMALL changes. Normally I would just leave them for later – I know what needs altering, so it’s no big deal. For some reason though, I couldn’t sink myself into the next scene and everything felt off.

So after getting a fabulously motivational email today (Thanks, Merrilee!) I sat my sorry butt down and read through that scene. I started making those changes, cut out about 500 words which shouldn’t happen then, but later in the novel (don’t worry! I saved it to another file) and kept on writing.

OH, it’s so much better now. My brain feels less twisted up and that low lying crankiness that’s been nudging at the surface of my mild manner has been dispersed. Everything lines up (apart from the OTHER changes that need to happen earlier – I’m thankful for whatever bizarre brain reasoning means I don’t have to do that as well before I can continue) and I can now go back to indulging in the fabulous world I’ve created.

So, my advice – if you are feeling stuck, if a scene isn’t working or you just feel off, take a look at the scene before it, take a few steps backwards in your novel until you find the problem. It’ll be there somewhere. Remove the obstacle – whether that means you delete it, paste it into a new document, change the font to white so you don’t have to look at it, whatever works for you – and then get back to writing.

Happy writing!!


6 thoughts on “Two steps back to move forward”

  1. Get back to writing… yes… I REALLY need to do that!
    I’m glad you found your way back into the groove. I hate getting stuck on something… But with a little solid work, we can all work our way out of these things.

  2. Im so pleased you had the dedication to go back and sort out the scene that was bothering you so you can get back into enjoying the sun touched world.Im really pleased for you.

    1. lol I think you’re also pleased because it means there is more for you to read shortly 😉 You are going to get a kick out of it, Claire!!

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