Purple Prose

Autumn is here, and normally that doesn’t mean the sun disappears and snow arrives on the mountain overnight – but that seems to be what happened this year.

Which makes it even cooler that a few weeks ago I got a lovely parcel from the talented and wonderful Cheryl. At some point in the past (don’t ask me for specifics, because my memory for these kinds of things is terrible), I left a comment on her blog about some gloves she had made and she offered to make me some. Of course, I was thrilled by her generosity and kindness and jumped at the opportunity! Little did I know that despite only knowing me through the internet, she could make me the perfect glove.

And she called them Purple Prose.

The colour is just right, the fit is fantastic and they are SO pretty, and warm and delicious to wear. I love them. Plus, they are fabulous for writing because my fingers are still free to do their thing while the rest of my hand remains nice and warm 🙂

Thanks so much, Cheryl! You are awesome. I’d definitely recommend her to others. She has a store on Etsy, and her work is gorgeous.


1 thought on “Purple Prose”

  1. Aw. It cheers me tremendously to see that they look wonderful on you. I’ve been ill for the last two weeks and haven’t had much energy to work on anything – the patterns I planned on publishing are going to be delayed by a week or two – until today.

    I will hopefully have some updates to post up today and tomorrow.

    Again, it was a pleasure making them for you and I am glad you like them so.

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