The right words

I’ve been thinking lately about my slackness as a blogger. It finally hit me that while I have (in the past) been concerned about being a good blogger, and writing regular posts, that this has actually been cutting into my novel writing time.

I used to think that I just sat down and belted out a random post in under 20 minutes of time that I wouldn’t have been using for anything else, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Apparently the few words I was using here were words directly being taken from my stories.

Well, colour me surprised. It makes perfect sense in some respects – I know a lot of writers who don’t post so often while they are knee deep in the writing, I just never thought that by trying to blog on an almost daily basis I was cheating myself from getting knee deep. Whether it was the random chatter about what I was working on that detracted from getting more words down, or something else entirely, I can’t be sure. I just know that right now I am making really good progress on my novel, and I’m barely blogging.

And that works for me. I’m a writer, and the most important thing is to get words on the page. The right way to use my words is in my stories, and when I have some spare words, on the blog.

I just hit 44,000 by the way. And I am going to try and hit 45K tonight. I know I keep saying this, but it’s amazing for me to be this far into a new novel. It’s been a long time, and every little milestone feels like I’ve won some kind of award.


9 thoughts on “The right words”

  1. I feel the same way. I am a writer for the Examiner.com and I’ve been working on marketing my novel coming out this summer… along with editing that same novel! The examiner pays per view and post so no posts no money… If I do posts then I will not be editing… The juggling process is the hardest part yet! Along with character description and interaction. Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode! Good luck with juggling all your projects!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Sounds like you do have a lot on your plate – Hope you find the right balance. And good luck with your novel 🙂

  2. I’m glad you found this little lesson! It’s the reason that I haven’t been blogging, either, and honestly, it’s ok…like you said, my goal is to be a novelist, not a blogger. The main reason I blog is to keep myself accountable toward my novel goals, and if I’m making progress on my novel, then I really don’t need to be blogging. At least for now.
    (Of course, sometimes I feel the need to share cool and exciting things, but those impulses are few and far between…)

    Happy writing, and was so very excited to see that you broke 45K! ^_^

    1. hehe thanks Liza! I think I’m well and truly hooked on this novel.

      I really liked to blog, I just never realized how much it was taking away from my writing time. Ah well, blog when I can, write every day 🙂 I think all writers need to come to this little lesson on their own terms, when they are ready for it!

  3. It’s a tough balancing act for sure! I spend 60 or 70 hours a week on my day job, which requires a lot of writing and a lot of thinking about books, editing books, marketing books, acquiring books for publication, etc — so at the end of the day, I often don’t have energy to write anything for myself, let alone blog. I’m definitely never going to be a prolific blogger. 🙂

    1. You may not be a prolific blogger, Bruan, but when you do post, I love seeing what you’ve been up to 🙂 I can’t fathom working that many hours and still finding time to write. It’s going to be a totally different ball game when I’m working again, I think.

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