A room with a view

In the last year and a bit my ‘office’ space has moved four times. Each of them for very valid reasons, each with positives and negatives. I’m hoping that this fourth move will be the last for awhile to come, though chances are high I will be on the move again in just a few months.

At least this time I have a view.

My mum was given a new dining table, and so she offered us their old one. It’s much bigger than ours – can fit 6-8 people, instead of 4 – seeing as there are 5 of us, it was a great chance to upgrade. Of course, that meant that my desk would no longer fit in the dining area. I quickly realized that the only logical place to go from there was into the playroom.

Yup, you heard me right. Playroom. The room with all the toys, where a lot of the play happens. And there is a lot of play in this house. Three kids + friends worth.

my corner of the room

However, the room has some serious upsides – a view of the road, lots of trees and a patch of (overgrown) garden. Loads of natural light. Carpet, which helps keep the noise down. Lots of things to occupy the kids, and enough distance from my husbands computer that I don’t get confused about whether he’s talking to me, or the people he plays League of Legends with.

it's a cats life

Of course, when there are a bunch of kids in the room, it’s impossible to get anything done. Thanks to my new friend I can just relocate, and in the depths of winter I will likely spend most of my time parked on the couch in front of the heater rather than in my office. It’s nice to have options.

I am very much enjoying having a view though. When we had some intense winds last week the crazy movement of the trees and leaves being swept through the air held me captivated. Yup, I love seeing what’s going on outside. I think I’m going to be very happy here. Hell, I already am.


9 thoughts on “A room with a view”

    1. yeah, the headphones don’t work that well… I didn’t get the noise cancelling ones because it’s important that I can hear them, lol but at the same time, hard to work! No win situation for now.

    1. well, we can live in hope 😉 right now they are all three in here, being noisy and irritating each other, so it’s not really conducive to writing. Ah well!

  1. Cassie, the space looks wonderful. And I can’t express how cute the picture is of the cat sleeping in the sun under the tree.

    1. He’s taken to lying in the garden out the front a whole lot – or maybe its just that I can see now! The bedrooms are the only rooms with views onto the front of the property, so it’s not something I have spent much time looking at.

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