Against my nature

I had a little feedback from a writer friend recently re Sun-Touched, and while I know that the issues can be fixed, it’s made me sit down and think about why I struggle with certain aspects of story.

It’s because I am boring.

No, boring isn’t the right word. It’s because I am a peacemaker, because I strive to see the good in everyone, because I try to look at situations from different perspectives to understand where people are coming from, and ultimately, this means that in general I don’t have a whole lot of conflict in my life.

My husband and I don’t fight. Ever. We will discuss things, but it’s very unusual for us not to see the other half’s perspective. We respect each other too much to not allow the other to have their own opinions, even if we agree to disagree. I don’t tend to get into many arguments in general, though I have an opinion and voice that when I feel I need to.  I’m treated with kindness and respect for the most part, by people who are considerate of whats going on in others lives. And all of this is great for life, but it’s not great for story.

My characters do get into fights, but I struggle to escalate the tension. I resolve things, because that’s what I do in life. I find solutions and ease tensions. But that doesn’t work for a novel.

So I need to work on that. I need to ignore my innate desire to find a resolution, and leave things un-smoothed. I need to have my characters walk out mid argument, ignore the pleas of others, be so steadfast in their own opinion that they are forced to up the ante rather than find a compromise. I need to hold out on making things better until the end, and I think that’s going to be quite a challenge for me!

But I am up for the challenge. I can find a way to raise the tension throughout the novel and hold out on my reader. Things don’t have to be tidied up, things can be uncomfortable.

What do you struggle with in your writing? Are there aspects of her personality that seem to clash with what makes a good story?


5 thoughts on “Against my nature”

    1. Haven’t you?? I would have thought you’d be well and truly over that by now!! I think when sometimes you write novels with such huge casts, it can be hard making all of them distinctive. You will get there though 😉

  1. hehe, I remember getting this very same critique. “You’re too nice!” she waved her arm in the air at me.
    It got easier with time, and now comes quite naturally 🙂
    Good luck, and have fun with it!

    1. I will try and have fun with it!! I guess perhaps it could be a good way of using up the incredibly conflicting emotions I have internally at the moment!

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