And then it was May

It was almost 9am this morning before I realized we’d entered a new month. A bright, shiny new month. I love those. Aren’t we lucky to have 12 of them every year?

I’m feeling a little silly this morning (in a good way). I have this huge smile on my face and I’m filled with zest for most things. For starters, April was actually pretty successful. I looked back on my first post of the month and checked in with what I wanted to get done. Despite my slackness, IΒ finished Sun-Touched, which was my primary objective!

I also planted a garden, made my new office space my home (my book shelf is where the TV was! yay!!!), purchased a second hand sewing machine (an old Singer, in a table – love it), day dreamed about upholstering my office chair, started writing my first essay for my Counselling paper, polished and submitted a short story, and many other things.

One of which was to enjoy the first beta weekend event for Guild Wars 2. I LOVED playing the game. I tried out a bunch of the classes, and all the races. I love it. LOVE it. Can’t wait until the game is actually released, and am very excited for the next beta weekend as well – hopefully the other two races will be playable!

I was meant to have the whole weekend off after finished Sun-Touched. And it was my intention to. Strangely, I really missed having a work in progress though. Missed having a novel to use as my home base. So really, it was just Friday that I took off. Saturday rolled around, I played in the beta, attended my writers chat in Google Hangouts, and um, opened all my documents relating to TCM.

For some reason, something this simple has really confirmed for me that I AM a writer, through and through. I could have spent all weekend delighting in GW2, but I spent quite a lot of time playing in my own world, tracing character arcs and solidifying plot lines. I love Mel, the main character, and I am loving figuring out how to make her story the best it can possibly be.

A week ago, I would have said to you that May would be the month I’d finally finish Sun-Touched. Get my essay completed and sent in, and then spend the rest of the month planning. I need to fully outline the novella that I’ll write next month, as well as finish off the planning for TCM.

Now that goal has shifted slightly. I still want to do all those things, but I also want to revise the first 10,000 words or so of TCM. (Funnily, that’s in line with my post from the first of April! – I’m amazed how sometimes things work out to plan, even when you think they can’t possibly). I don’t know if I can get it polished to submission standard by the end of the year, but I am certainly going to try.

What has May got in store for you??


7 thoughts on “And then it was May”

  1. Well, it’s still April 30 here, so I have about ten more hours to decide what I’ll do about May… πŸ˜‰

    A few weeks ago, I would have given you all kinds of shiny new goals. Now, with homeschooling Sparky, I don’t know what I’ll do in May. I DO hope to finish my end of revisions on Bloodbonded and send it to my editor, but we’ll see. I also want to compose at least 1,000 new words every day on SOMETHING. I started a new novella, so maybe if I do 1k every day on that, I can get a draft done this month.

    Sounds like you’re finding a rhythm, which is awesome!

    1. You know, I think you’re right. I mean, there are still good days and bad days, but I’m finding my feet. Took me awhile, and it will be subject to change, no doubt πŸ˜‰ But I’m making progress and am pleased with that.

      From your FB updates it sounds like you and Sparky are having fun with the homeschooling, so I hope that continues and you both find your rhythm as well. Good luck getting those words down! I love that with a novella you can conceivably get the first draft done in a month πŸ˜‰ Very much looking forward to doing that in June.

    1. Hi Jensine πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! It’s nice to meet you. Sorry to hear April wasn’t so great – I hope May is much better for you! Off to check out your blog πŸ™‚

  2. You had an awesomely productive month!
    If you look at my month – there was some planning, looking back over editing notes, rewriting the opening of my book, doing some edits – Oh… and raising my daughter – sleep training, learning to smile, oodles and oodles of nappy changes, dancing, singing, book reading, and whatever else we got up to. It’s a busy wee world at the moment!

    (Oh – and I’m totally jealous about the Singer purchase! My Mum has one of those – and I’m damn hoping she’ll leave it to me one day!…not that I can sew. Hmmm.)

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