Thank goodness for that!

My assignment has been uploaded to my course website where it sits waiting for marking. I feel a world of relief that it’s out of my hands. I did my best, and I can now go back to the fun stuff – academic reading and writing worlds of my own creation!!

This past week as been an interesting time. Normally when I’m not working on a story it’s because I am having a rough patch in life, or writers block, or some other lame reason. This time it was because I HAD to get my assignment done. I didn’t have any energy or thought left for my fun stuff. As a result I craved fiction harder than I have in a long time. I was itching to get back into my story. DYING to reconnect with the characters and when I opened up my files for planning this morning it was like I’d entered heaven.

Pure bliss.

Planning. Outlining. Lining up character arcs and fleshing out details and oh my oh my oh my. Yes it was that good. I feel this sense of peace in my body and mind. Like I’ve had a hit of the drug I love best. I might actually be able to sleep properly tonight, now that the coils of my creative mind have been allowed to stretch and burn off some energy.

I’m so excited to be working on TCM. It’s going to be an awesome book when I am finished with it. The beginning of a kick ass series.

I feel like I’ve been living in an alternate universe for this last week – whats new with you?


2 thoughts on “Thank goodness for that!”

    1. WAY more fun! lol The next assignment is an ‘annotated bibliography’ which I have never done before, so that will be another learning curve

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