A new title for the new vision

TCM has undergone quite an overhaul (at least, the outline of it has, I’m yet to get into ripping the organs out of it and replacing them with better working parts), and as such, the title is now completely irrelevant. I think I mentioned this a few months back…  Ah yup. I did.

Anyways! Seeing as Sun-Touched is now finished, and I’m reworking TCM, the time has come to rename it. I was talking about it with Merrilee just yesterday and she fired off a bunch of names. This morning I went through and put them all into Goodreads to see which ones have been used plenty (this is a great tool! you don’t want a name that already has 10 books sharing the title).

I’m pleased to announce that TCM now has a new working title, and it’s Surplus To Requirements. Which I guess means it’ll become STR. I can handle that. It fits the story, which is about a girl who flunks out of her final tests and so is set to be shipped off Earth with the other failures to help pre-colonize planets for the worthy. There is no room for failures on Earth, hence she is surplus to requirements.

I also purchased Scrivener a few days ago. I’ve had the trial version for ages, but keep forgetting to start working in it. Logically, I know it’s a good move, but I just haven’t made the leap yet – well, until yesterday. I opened it up, filled in the scene cards for the first act, and started the first scene of the novel. I’m really excited about the direction it’s taking now, and am looking forward to bringing you snippets of it as I go.

It’s Mother’s Day today (Happy M’day to everyone!), and I’m hoping that means I can get maybe an hour to myself this afternoon to write. That would be the best gift right now. I want to start making a dent in this thing 🙂



10 thoughts on “A new title for the new vision”

  1. Congratulations it sounds like your making great progress. Scrivener is a great program but just be careful when transferring work into the system. Double check before you dice it up and start working on it and you will save yourself a ton of time.

    1. Thanks for that tip. I am going to be mostly rewriting as I put it in, so while it will be slower than typing an initial document in, at least it will be looking good by the time I get to the end. Lots of chunks are going to have to be written from scratch!

  2. OooOooOoooooo – Surplus To Requirements is a great name for it! I’m liking that a lot!
    Happy mother’s day to you hunny 🙂 I hope you get some writing hours as well. Xoxo

    1. Happy Mother’s day to you too, hon. I hope Abby gave you a little more than 45mins sleep at some point today. Glad you like the title!

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