Cough, splutter, cough

I’ve been sick for the last week, which has been incredibly not fun. The saving grace is that the kids managed to avoid catching the same thing, which would have been terrible. I can’t breathe, and breathing is so very important! Well, today I can breathe a little easier, finally, but no running or jumping for me. It almost kills me lol

This has meant not as much writing has happened recently. Which is a shame. I started the month off with gusto, and then fall flat a little, though not because of the story – because of ME.

My story is awesome. I’m sitting around 13.5K at the moment, and there are around 3 scenes/5,000 words to go. This should put me right at the bottom end of the word count guidelines for the place I want to submit it, and gives me plenty of room to expand where necessary and play in this wonderful world I have.

I have to say that I think this novella is the least populated that I have written to date. Considering the length of it, that is. I’ve had short stories with only three characters, one with just two. But when the other main characters are a baby and a dead person, it makes dialogue a little tricky at times. I firmly believe dialogue is important though, so its lucky that I know from experience that people talk to babies ALL THE TIME, just like they talk to cats and other things that can’t talk back.

Anyway, I’m kind of hoping to finish up the first draft this week. Then I can let it simmer for a week before giving it a tidy up and passing it on to my crit group. It feels really great to have set the goal of writing it in one month and actually knowing that I can achieve that. Does wonders for my confidence as a writer.

Now I just need to set some firm goals for the StR rewrite. And follow through on those, as well. I’m starting to get a better shape of my day sorted out in my head, seeing patterns of time blocks that will work for me. It’s not just a matter of making sure I don’t waste those on unimportant things, like facebook, and twitter… damn those evil sites which eat time. Maybe it’s time to go on haitus again?

Anyway, enough about me. Tell me about you! What are you all up to at the moment?


6 thoughts on “Cough, splutter, cough”

  1. Sounds like an interesting story 🙂

    I’m working my way towards a revised goal of completing HalfNoC, having really only started on the 16th of June. So I am just spewing out word after word and it’s probably all terrible but it just feels so good to be writing after having not had the time to do anything at all that I actually couldn’t care less! Write now, revise later.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks, Jhakka! Almost better now, though my girls are sick – I think it’s even harder getting stuff done when the kids are sick lol. How are you doing with your goal? Only a few days to go!

      1. I’m writing in random spurts, but I’m gonna get there! One of the sub-challenges was to write 6K in a day so if I can do that on saturday, that will get me over the line – and a second challenge to boot! The story itself isn’t great but it’s really helping me get back in my groove and I can already see elements that I can pull out of it and do something with. Sorry your kids are sick, hope the whole family gets better soon.

  2. I’m trying to format my novella “The Royal Wedding from Hell” so it can be turned into an epub for self-publishing (and also trying to make a cover for it). Hopefully it won’t take too much longer if I can stop being so lazy and sit at my PC instead of the telly….and then, my “book” will be OUT THERE.

    And – I’m having the first ideas for my eventual submission for “Regenerations” – so far, it is dramatically titled “The Return of Lester Gaines”. Maybe I should stick an exclamation mark at the end?

    Oh, and get well soon Cassie.

    1. Thanks, Richard 🙂
      How cool about getting your book ready to be out there! Very exciting indeed. Good luck with the formatting and make sure you let me know once it’s released.
      You already have an idea for Regenerations?? I still have to come up with something, hopefully the right idea will surface in the next wee while. Hope the writing of it goes smoothly.

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