Refocusing, again

I’ve been really struggling to get back on top of things (namely any kind of routine) since we all got sick over a month ago. I got behind on absolutely everything I possibly could have, and have been struggling ever since to catch up.

I’m still not finished ticking tasks off my to-do list. But I’m getting there.

Unfortunately, I still have no routine, and since getting my most recent assignment in a week ago, I’ve been floundering. Well, I’ve decided that a week is enough and it’s time to get back to work. Perfect timing, really, because my writers group had a critique session on Friday night which means I can now get stuck into the revision of Burn with those notes in mind.

I’m excited to work on Burn for several reasons – it’ll mean I get something ready for submission (and gosh it’s been so long!), I have a fond feeling towards the story which I’ve not even read since finishing it, and it’s also great practice for when I start work on Sun-Touched. I’ve finally settled on it as the novel I’m going to finish, and it feels really good to commit to something after spending so long undecided.

The next few months will see a whole lot of change, which I’ll talk about in a post of it’s own, but I need to make sure that I’ve got some kind of routine down or I am going to find myself falling off the focus wagon again. And I don’t want that. I have another assignment on the horizon, submission deadline up ahead, and my health and well being to balance as well.

But let me assure you that life is grand. I’m sitting on a good deal of excitement and that’s an awesome place to be. I have so much hope inside. And I know that I can do this, do everything that I have chosen to include in my life.

Reflecting back, I had such high hopes for July. But that’s okay. I got my novella finished, and I got my assignment in. Those were the two most important things that needed to happen. August is just around the corner, and I’m looking forward to it.

How has July been for you? Did you achieve your goals? Or did you have to shuffle things around a bit?


1 thought on “Refocusing, again”

  1. July was actually pretty good for me – I finally got my butt in gear and published “The Royal Wedding from Hell” on Smashwords. Great exercise in making a cover (well, I like it!), doing all the formatting (which is more about stripping out the formatting, and is harder than you would think for Word) – but shucks, it is there!

    Great to hear you finished a novella (Finished, what a great word), AND completed an assignment.

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