Well, the letter has finally arrived. Our application to home school Ivy has been approved!!! I think my hands shook for a good five hours – starting from when I saw the Ministry of Ed header on the envelope.

There have been a million emotions and thoughts swarm over me since then, and I think that the reality of it all is still sinking in. Above everything I feel relief, and excitement, and joy – especially when I see how happy Ivy is about it all.

Yesterday I took her in to say goodbye to her classmates, and while I cried the entire time, she took it all in her stride. Clearly pleased that she wouldn’t be attending school any more, though admitting that she will miss her friends. They know where we are though, and have our number, so it’s not the end of friendships, just the end of shared school times.

Afterwards we stopped in at the hospice shop and picked up a tall cabinet for storage, and so now our study room is looking pretty organized. I can’t wait for Monday. Finally feel like our long wait is over and I can move again!


2 thoughts on “Approved!”

  1. Yeehaw! You know that my daughter homeschools her three kids. It is so right for them. They well grow up to be individuals. The public schools (in USA) are really meant to turn out factory workers, obedient cogs in the industrial wheel.

    A wheel that rusted up and fell apart 30 years ago.

    Props to you–homeschooling requires a lot of the parent, but it’s so valuable!

    1. Thanks so much, Texanne! We are really excited about it, and so far it’s going well. I have to agree with you that it’s a rusted wheel, so much has changed in the last generation, but our schools are not really one of the things that have adapted with the times.

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