I reached the halfway point in my Burn revision last night. I was a little stunned to get there seeing as I feel like I have been slacking off big time. Apparently not as much as I thought 😉 I’m really looking forward to working towards the end, and I love that feeling of making things better as I go.

However, a bad habit has become far more obvious to me. I’ve known for a long time now that where my writing really lacks is when it comes to culture and world building. I definitely do not spend enough time on this before launching in a first draft, and then when I come up to something during the first draft I often revert to [insert town name here] or [make some stuff up], which I often come back to and try to fill in later.

The problem is that on second pass it is no easier to fill in, and that’s often because I just haven’t developed something nearly as much as I should have. For example, I am working through my revision of this first draft and I have still managed to so far avoid giving the invading nation a name. The city has no name. The village has no name… It might not seem huge to you, but this shows me that my world is lacking. It has some rich spots, but I don’t have a cohesive picture of how it all goes together, and that’s important. Until I can conquer whatever barrier it is I have towards this, my writing isn’t going to come alive like I want it to.

Definitely time to tackle that one.


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