All wrapped up

Last week the cheque and a copy of Tales for Canterbury were posted off to the Red Cross. It felt really good to email the authors involved and let everyone know that it was all finalized. Anna posted a summary over on the TfC website, which you can check out here.

The basic gist of it was that:

– We sold 97 ebooks and 285 paperbacks
– After legal deposit, 11 paperbacks remained unsold. We donated one to the Red Cross and ten to the Christchurch Writers’s Fesitval
– We raised a total of $4,132.00 for the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal

And as far as I am concerned those are lovely figures. What started out as an idea that I was uncertain I could pull off became this crazy, big reality which sold better that expected, raised more than I could have hoped for, and even won an award.

I will always be grateful for this experience, and I am so thankful to Anna, Random Static, our huge list of amazing authors, my wonderful designer friend Emily, and everyone else who helped out in one way or another along the path to publication – none of this would have been possible without them, without you.

Thank you all.


11 thoughts on “All wrapped up”

  1. It was a priviledge to be a part of it… and if it weren’t for your spark of an idea – you and I would never have met. ANd I simply can’t imagine my everyday life without you πŸ™‚

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