It’s still SEPTEMBER, thank you very much

I’ve been burying my head in the sand for the last week, trying to pretend like it’s not October. It couldn’t possibly be. No way. It’s still September and I have all the time in the world.

People keep reminding me at every turn though. Oh your assignment is due soon, Cassie. Are you looking forward to being done with your paper? Don’t forget the deadline for that novella is coming up! Have you edited that short story for that anthology that’s closing soon?

I know, I know, but I just want to pretend for a little longer that I don’t actually have to get to work. That said, I AM working, one thing at a time, in tiny increments. Inching towards the finish line. There is a slow build of excitement in me as I think about the fact that a couple weeks from now I’ll be able to tick a few big goals of the year off my list. The weeks between don’t exist though, because I am going to keep pretending that it’s September until everything is finished.

So what are you going to do for the rest of September? Are you all looking forward to November?? I have a good feeling about that month!


2 thoughts on “It’s still SEPTEMBER, thank you very much”

  1. Hello! How in the world are you? 🙂

    I’m actually quite glad it’s October; hopefully our weather will start to stay somewhat consistently cooler. I’ve pulled my crock pot out from the depths, am hoping to station it permanently to the left of the stove. Where my husband’s air popper sits. He may have to find new digs for it, ha ha.

    I am most definitely looking forward to November, heh heh. In the meantime, there’s plotting to do, crock-potting to manage, and I really should dig the dead spider plants from their crockery. If I can get that sorted, next spring flowers will be living in those large ceramic planters.

    1. Hey! I’m doing okay. Plodding along and making the most of things. I see you’ve moved over to wordpress!! Excellent, makes it easier to stalk you 😉

      I hope that the lead up to November is wonderful, and I know you’ll be eagerly awaiting the end of October!

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