I deserve a holiday!

Well, I submitted Burn yesterday and dived straight into my post submission slump.   I’ve been working hard for weeks now, on both Burn and my last assignment for University, and I know from experience that every time I finish a paper this is what happens. It’s that feeling of ‘ohthankgodthatsoverIamsoexhausted’. I managed to bounce back by the end of the day which is almost unheard of for me. YAY!

So, I have declared that I am having the rest of the month off. I plan to indulge in a lot of GW2, and catch up on episodes of TV shows I haven’t been watching due to intense sessions of study and revision. I want to read a lot of books, and basically just refresh the old brain, give it some new ideas and see what develops. And spend time with the kids, but I do a lot of that normally.

Of course, having all this new space in my head means that ideas are starting to bubble over. I was sure I had none there. Nope, nothing going on, keep moving, keep moving. But now I see that wasn’t the case, they were merely lying in wait, ready to pounce when they knew I wouldn’t be able to resist playing with them.


I refuse to commit anything to the screen. I’ll allow some room for them in a notebook, and let them mess around in my head but I am not writing. Not yet. I’ve earned this break!!!

Ya hear me, ideas??? I know you can hear me, though whether you listen is another matter entirely.


6 thoughts on “I deserve a holiday!”

    1. haha yes, after that 😉 The problem with declaring a holiday is that those ideas think it means you have time for them and you’re inundated with new things to write about 😉

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