Au Contraire!

I’m going! Are you??

What’s Au Contraire, you ask? Au Contraire 2013: Regeneration is the 34th National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, and the second Au Contraire convention. It’s taking place early July in Wellington!

I have never been to a Con. It was just too hard to try and organize with small kids. But I’ve decided that they are definitely old enough this year and that if I didn’t book and start working towards making the necessary changes in order to go and feel like I wasn’t abandoning my family, I had to make the commitment NOW.

So I did it! And it felt great! Unless I manage to wrangle a trial night away from my kids before then, it will be the first time I’ve ever spent a night away from either Lauren or Natalie since their births. Yup, I am a veritable home body. There has never been a good enough reason to spend a whole night away from them. But this year I am going to be gone for three. THREE WHOLE NIGHTS and the days as well. In a totally different city.

Squeee! I’m going to a convention! I am so excited! I can’t wait to catch up with the writer friends I have met in person before, and to meet a whole bunch of people face to face for the first time. It will be so cool to finally do that. I definitely now feel like I am investing in myself, because there can be no mistaking that this weekend is for me. I’m not doing it for anyone else.

I will be there*, will you? Only another 5 months and a bit to go! And yes, I will be this excited the entire time! That’s just how I roll 😉

*barring any sudden illnesses or disasters, of course *knocks on wood*


12 thoughts on “Au Contraire!”

    1. Eldest is 8 next week, middle is 4 and little is 2.5. She’ll be 3 by the time I go though. I… don’t remember the last time? It must have been about when our big girl was just 2. She stayed with her grandparents for a weekend so we could go to the Big Day Out. We only had one night away (our wedding night) when she was 3, as well, because she just couldn’t do another night away. LOL It might be a bit of a shock to my system (am sure they will cope better than I), but at least there will be lots of distractions for me 🙂
      Will you be able to make it?

  1. I’m going too!!! 😀 Excited! We can be first time Con buddies 😉 I submitted my Regeneration story today too, eep! This is going to be a big year for me.

  2. Damn. I will be in Africa. But I’ve been to a few different Cons, and they’re an absolute blast, so I’m really glad you’re going. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Jhakka! Bummer that you won’t be there. Maybe next year? You never know 🙂 I bet you’ll be having an amazing time in Africa though!

    1. YAY! awesome 🙂 This is fun. I remember last year knowing I couldn’t go, and seeing all the people who were and now this year I get to be one of the people who goes, and does the stuff, and meets the people.

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