I’d forgotten…

I got an email last night with the editing comments for my short story ‘Carving Out a Life’ last night. I’d forgotten all the feelings associated with that – the buzz of ‘hehehe I’m going to be published!’ and the cringe of ‘oh gods, what will I find?’ before opening the document. (It was fine though, nothing too dramatic and hopefully I can get it polished off in short order.)

It’s funny how those feelings don’t seem to change. I mean, I haven’t had that much published, but every single time I get an editing email I feel the same way. I hope that never changes!

It shouldn’t be too long before the cover for Regeneration gets released as well and I can’t wait to see that and share it with you, and then… well, not too many weeks before it’s out into the world and I can devour the stories from the other amazing writers I get to be published alongside.

I guess I’m still buzzing 😉 but it’s such a great way to feel, I don’t think I want to let it go just yet.


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