Post semester slump

It happens every time. You would think I’d have a cure for it by now. A management strategy. Something to tide me over until I kick back into gear. But nope. I got nothing.

I handed in my last assignment a week ago, so am finished study for the semester. I had HIGH hopes for this lull time – for starters, I was going to rewrite/revise my novella! And then outline the crap out of novella two, before starting to write that beginning of July.

It might still happen, providing I can kick this exhaustion to the curb and get myself back on track. I think, perhaps, if the last week of my semester hadn’t sucked so much, I might be feeling different this time, but one can never really know.

For starters, 2 weeks ago my chickens were killed by stray dogs. And then I got a tummy bug. I managed to get back on my feet on Monday, only to spend Mon/Tue frantically trying to finish off my assignment and get it submitted. Needless to say, I began my mid-semester break worn out, and a week later I’m still working on finding my new groove.

I know it will come, but I can’t sit around waiting for that to happen. Who has the time for that? So, this is me saying that one week is enough. I’ve had ups and downs, and done a bit of writer wailing about what a slacker I am. Time to get back to work.

What do you do when you’re in a slump? Would love to hear how other people deal with it!


4 thoughts on “Post semester slump”

  1. Write something else? That idea which seemed interesting in the middle of the night but in the cold light of day didn’t really have legs (have I mixed enough metaphors here?) – who knows, having a unbridled run at it may make something spit out…or remind you that you have perfectly good stuff to work on…or maybe just enjoy the slump, let your mind mull things over before having to kit the keyboard again.

  2. For me, writing’s a really creative process, and having other stuff on my mind gets in the way. So: I use a sort of mental Drano, a cleaning process, to get away from it.

    There’s lots of things this is for me – I can go for a run, or listen to really loud, bad, eighties music. Whatever it is, it’s normally a) cathartic in some way mentally, and b) makes me feel happy.

    Happy’s a great place to write from; if I’m not happy, I can hammer at the keyboard all I like and the only stuff that comes out sounds like the beginning of Twilight.

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