Going Camping

Last night I had a fun catch up with some of my writing group: Google hangouts + wine + writer friends = total win. Somewhere between the middle and end of my 2nd glass of wine someone mentioned Camp NaNoWriMo and it sounded like a terribly good idea. 

I mean, I DO want to write the second novella in this series next month. I might not have done an outline yet, but there are ideas there… I’m sure I can find time to jot some more notes down before June ends and July rolls around. 

So, yes. I signed up. 

I’ve stayed clear of most things NaNo for a few years now, unable to really manage the larger goal of 50K in a month with small kids exerting their tyrannical will on me. Of course, the beauty of Camp NaNo is that you can set your own word count goals (I’ve put mine at 20K), and still be considered a winner. I’m actually kind of excited! I really need to kick another first draft out and writing alongside my group will be awesome fun.

Are you going camping in July? 


9 thoughts on “Going Camping”

  1. I think I will be. I want to finish the story I started this month, and I think “Camp” is the perfect way to keep the momentum going. Between re-writes and an ending, another 50K is just about right. Good luck!

  2. I think it’s awesome that you are participating. I’ve been getting emails and such about the camp but haven’t really looked at much due to recent family events.

    1. Well, keep in mind that you can set your own goals – so, even if it’s only 5k, it’s still something 🙂 I like the flexibility of this version! Hopefully it works well lol

    1. Some months just don’t work so well – brush it off and start anew 🙂 Let me know if you do sign up so I can cheer you along!

  3. Wow, do me a favor Cassie. During your camping trip, make sure to pack a flashlight so that you can stay focused, bring a map or GPS so that you don’t get lost, and don’t forget a nice big tent so that you can deal with the weather when the clouds start to gather. I’ll message you, of course, to make sure you are okay, because some people actually never make it out of the woods and I wouldn’t want that to happen to ya!

    It would be a great idea for me to go camping too, but it would be difficult since I’m already in the middle of an extended outing.

    Perhaps next time. 🙂

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