On Saturday night Hubby and I went to see an amazing acrobatics/dance show. I hadn’t really known what to expect before we went in, though I’d heard it was meant to be awesome.
It really really was.
Seven performers, great music, beautiful dance, astounding acrobatics. I was blown away by the show and my arms were tired from clapping by the end of it.
Here is a snippet of one of their shows that I found on youtube.
There was more than just their feats of wonder that surprised and delighted me about this show though, and that was the sheer joy present on their faces as they performed, and the way that they interacted as a group – above and beyond what was acting or necessary for safety. ย After completing a skilled trick there would be grins, and slaps on the back, and you could feel their adrenalin, their joy, pouring off the stage. These were masterful performers who took great joy, great pride in not just their own performances, but in those of their whole group. Individuals who were made better, made stronger, by their collaboration.
That was super inspiring for me, and I felt my own joy blossom knowing that I could relate this to writing, and my writers tribe as well.
I started a new WiP recently, and the first few thousand words of any new project kill me. They do. The words all sound boring and horrible and like this could possibly be the most stale thing I have ever written. Until I hit between 3-5k where I find my groove, where my characters feel like they come to life and my story rolls out before me and I just want more. More more more more. Where every word I put on the page is wonderful, it’s joy. I love this part of writing and this is the stage that Traces reminded me of – love of your art, whatever form that art takes, is vital to make it really shine.
And it also made me think about the writing tribe I’ve gathered around me. Made me appreciate the way we have each others back, how we celebrate in each others triumphs and are there to help when someone falls on their figurative butt, or there to act as a support when anyone is about to leap into unknown territory. How this camaraderie gives me bouyancy, lifts my performance and makes me more than what I would be if I were alone in this.
Because while the act of putting words on the page might be a solo act between one person and their method of choice, in this day and age it’s never really done alone. Anyone who has done more than write a first draft knows that at various stages you have to let others in – when getting feedback, when it’s being sent off to editors etc etc. And if you are a writer and you’ve ever tried talking about writing to a non-writer… well, you’ll know that no-one truly understands you like another writer. They might smile and nod and pretend they do, but trust me, they think you’re a little nuts (“you keep talking about this character is if it’s a real person” – They are real, to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol).
Did I have a point with this post? I’m not really sure. I guess, follow your passion, find your joy – those are the best ways to be happy. And embrace others who are like minded because the journey is so much more rewarding when you have people to share it with.
Oh and also, go see Traces if you ever get the chance. It’s an awesome show.