It’s here!

WP_001466WP_001475My copy of Baby Teeth arrived late last week, and due to migraines and pain I haven’t had a chance to post a couple pics (or read it yet…). So, here is me, wearing my baby teeth while holding Baby Teeth LOL.

It’s lovely to hold. I really like the texture of the pages and just, oh, it has my name it it *swoon* that always means I’ll love it.

I got to read a few of the stories on facebook when everyone was posting them up for crit etc, but I’ve by no means read them all. I love anthologies for the fact that you can read a story here and there, and they all have their own unique take on the theme. This collection is primarily flash fiction, so true to it’s tagline, it really does contain bite-size tales of terror. I can’t wait to sink my teeth in.


7 thoughts on “It’s here!”

  1. Yay! Great photos. I wish you weren’t our only contributor out there on a limb all by yourself, Cassie. We need to find you some other horror-ble friends down there in the Naki!

    1. Hey Lee 🙂 yeah, I wish I wasn’t the only contributor from here either, but that just seems to be how it rolls! I definitely need some more horror-ble friends this way 😉 That said, am hopefully meeting up with some other writers on Wednesday night! Fingers crossed that it goes well!

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