Happy New Year!!! It’s 2014!
I was feeling stressed about it even on the first day, but you know what, it’s not so bad. Not yet, anyway.
2014 is going to be a very busy year for me. I’m finishing off my Post Grad Diploma in Education (Guidance and Counselling), and this year is a halftime load, as opposed to the last two years where I’ve just done quarter. It’s going to be a big push from me, but I know I can do it – both papers look like they’ll be really interesting, which will certainly help. Part of last years difficulty was that I *had* to do those papers, not that I wanted to. Sometimes wanting something makes all the difference.
So naturally, my primary goal for the year is to pass these papers – by the gods I am SO looking forward to November this year already, because I’ll finally be done and can look ahead to the rest of my life. I’d love to say I won’t study beyond that, but, those who know me would call me on it 😉 I just love to learn, and there will no doubt be something else I study at some point! Can’t seem to help myself…
Aside from that, I’m not making any firm ‘writing’ goals as such. I’m going to be editing, and shopping around longer works when they are ready, and doing some short fiction when the urge to write calls. I might work on some planning for future books, but as I don’t know yet what the my papers are going to be like, I’m not making solid goals.
My main focus, outside of finishing study, is to work on keeping balanced. The year is going to be busy, which means I need to be good about this goal, the hardest part of which is making sure I get some time off everything so I can feed my soul. My Mum has already kindly, wonderfully, offered to have the kids one morning every other week for three hours, which is amazing. I mean, it’s been months since I had three hours to myself on a regular basis and I just know that this will go a long way toward keeping me balanced. Hell, she only made the offer yesterday and it’s ALREADY improved my outlook on the year, and we’re not even starting this new routine until the end of the month 😉 I can get a lot done in three uninterrupted hours. Bliss.
I have other things in mind, naturally – work on stuff around the house (I’ll be painting and having my first foray into wallpapering. There will be a shed conversion in the mix, and much de-cluttering, among other things), continuing to home school and documenting that better, surviving my first solo term as a Brownies leader, a new blogging venture (watch this space!) – but the big thing is that I keep fluid. Be kind to myself, keep the balance, feed my soul. Everything else is easier if I can find ways to keep doing that. I’ll be happier, my family will be happier as a result, and hey, who knows? 2014 might just turn out awesome.
This is me, being tentatively hopeful for a fabulous year. I hope it brings you everything you could want, and maybe a little bit more.