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On my feet

For the last two weeks, I’ve had some pretty nasty sciatica. I’ve been doing the appropriate stretches, and focusing on yoga and keeping as active as I can without pushing it too much. Sitting down is pretty much out of the question at this point – I had to give that up early this week, and I think I’m feeling better for it.

I’ve been considering moving to a standing desk for quite some time now – I mean, I usually only get to sit down for a max of 20 mins at a time anyway, and more often than not I will just sit down when someone needs me and I have to get back up again, so not only does a standing desk make sense from a health perspective, but also from a ‘ways to reduce annoyance’ perspective as well.WP_20140125_001

Well, now I have no choice… In the short term, I’ve parked up at the kitchen bench, using the handy little folding laptop table I purchased a few months ago. While it’s not the prettiest or nicest of places to work, it’s the right height and that’s the most important thing. I have to move every time we bake, or need the bench for anything, but that’s not too much of a hassle. My zombie gnome keeps me company and if I’m having a really bad day I can take a sniff of my Kraken to tide me over – and of course, being in the kitchen means it’s REALLY easy to make another cup of coffee.

I love that I’m not in pain when I work, and I can move around a lot. It’s very simple to move from task to task, and after almost a week standing, it’s not killing my legs any more. Win!

WP_20140125_002Eventually, I’ll be moving to this cabinet, which I just adore. I looked for one like it for our media centre set up for AGES, and finally found one after months of trawling trademe, at a real bargain price. Once the TV moves to a wall mount, and we’ve found an alternative unit for the media PC and gaming consoles, I’ll get this to myself – thankfully it happens to be the perfect height for a standing desk, and has heaps of storage so I’ll FINALLY have a place for all my assorted writing/geek stuff. Not to mention an actual proper desk. Bliss! I’m hanging out for that, and hopefully my sciatica clears up pronto so that I can get back to the lounge reno.

In the meantime, I’ll be in the kitchen, writing. Dreaming of the day I have a real desk and am not working from whatever random table or space that is free. Dreams are wonderful, but at least I know that in a couple of months, this one will come true 🙂


6 thoughts on “On my feet”

  1. Glad to read you’re feeling a bit better. I’ve been thinking of a standing desk, too, just because I end up sitting down way too much. At the moment, I just try and balance it out with yoga (check!) and walking (need-to-do-more-of).

    Zombie Gnome = Awesome.
    Coffee = Awesome.

    1. I was in the ‘sitting down too much’ camp before now as well, and I can tell a difference in the way my muscles feel already – a great difference. Walking and yoga are great, but I’d definitely say give a standing desk a go. Use a box or something on top of a table to try before you sink any money into it though!
      I adore my zombie gnome 🙂 best birthday present ever!

  2. I hope you feel better! I have 7 herniated disks in my lower back, as well five in my neck. Oh yeah, and stenosis through my neck that leads to my left arm going numb. All perfect ingredients when you’re a writer lol
    Take frequent breaks, stretch, walk around & use a heating pad whenever you can.
    Take it slow 🙂

    1. Gosh, that sounds awful! How do you get by? I guess, where there is a will to write, it will happen. I’m loving my heat packs at the moment, and moving around a lot more than when I was seated 🙂

  3. I’ve been thinking of trying to rig up some sort of standing desk too, only I use a desktop computer with an ergonomic keyboard, so it will be a bit different than yours.

    As for the sciatica, a few years ago I had my first bout and suffered for about two months. Mine was the opposite of yours: I was in pain when I stood. Nothing helped until I tried those 8-hour heat patches. In three days the pain was greatly decreased and completely gone in a week. Now, when I get a recurrence, I don’t mess around; I go straight for the heat patch.

    I hope you’re healed and get your cool new desk soon. 🙂

    1. 8 hour heat patches sound awesome! not sure we have them over here, though I will go looking now. Love my little gel heat packs, I can slip them in my back pockets and that works pretty well.
      Good luck with your standing desk! have heard it’s a really good alternative to sitting. Hope you post a pic when you have it sorted – love seeing what different people do!

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