For the last two weeks, I’ve had some pretty nasty sciatica. I’ve been doing the appropriate stretches, and focusing on yoga and keeping as active as I can without pushing it too much. Sitting down is pretty much out of the question at this point – I had to give that up early this week, and I think I’m feeling better for it.
I’ve been considering moving to a standing desk for quite some time now – I mean, I usually only get to sit down for a max of 20 mins at a time anyway, and more often than not I will just sit down when someone needs me and I have to get back up again, so not only does a standing desk make sense from a health perspective, but also from a ‘ways to reduce annoyance’ perspective as well.WP_20140125_001
Well, now I have no choice… In the short term, I’ve parked up at the kitchen bench, using the handy little folding laptop table I purchased a few months ago. While it’s not the prettiest or nicest of places to work, it’s the right height and that’s the most important thing. I have to move every time we bake, or need the bench for anything, but that’s not too much of a hassle. My zombie gnome keeps me company and if I’m having a really bad day I can take a sniff of my Kraken to tide me over – and of course, being in the kitchen means it’s REALLY easy to make another cup of coffee.
I love that I’m not in pain when I work, and I can move around a lot. It’s very simple to move from task to task, and after almost a week standing, it’s not killing my legs any more. Win!
WP_20140125_002Eventually, I’ll be moving to this cabinet, which I just adore. I looked for one like it for our media centre set up for AGES, and finally found one after months of trawling trademe, at a real bargain price. Once the TV moves to a wall mount, and we’ve found an alternative unit for the media PC and gaming consoles, I’ll get this to myself – thankfully it happens to be the perfect height for a standing desk, and has heaps of storage so I’ll FINALLY have a place for all my assorted writing/geek stuff. Not to mention an actual proper desk. Bliss! I’m hanging out for that, and hopefully my sciatica clears up pronto so that I can get back to the lounge reno.
In the meantime, I’ll be in the kitchen, writing. Dreaming of the day I have a real desk and am not working from whatever random table or space that is free. Dreams are wonderful, but at least I know that in a couple of months, this one will come true 🙂