Study goodness

one study guide, and my two textbooks for the year

The sheer giddiness when I opened my door to find not just the textbook I’d been waiting for, but also my first university package at around lunchtime yesterday was enough to make me devolve into a ridiculous fit of giggles.

I don’t know that everyone gets like this when their study stuff arrives, but it’s ALWAYS been this way for me. I can’t help but run my fingers over covers, and flick through the contents, smelling that new book goodness.

Last year I was deprived the joy of a paper version of the study guide, so this year I get the added benefit of being able to justify buying even more highlighters.


MMMMMM textbooks and stationary, and highlighting things.

If there is one thing I’ll miss about no longer studying, it is these things.  I know that fairly quickly that initial buzz of confidence I had upon first scan of the assignments will fade, and the sheer size of the course materials will begin to feel daunting, rather than delightful. But until then, I’m totally going to enjoy the buzz.

University doesn’t officially start until the 25th of the month, but as always, my brain wants to GO and get started RIGHT NOW. I’m going to try and finish off my editing before the temptation to dive into study gets too much, and hopefully the next set of course materials will arrive soon so that I can figure out what weeks are going to be dedicated to assignment writing.

Learning ftw!


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